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HH Village Banks Listed On The New Three Board Design Thinking And Problems Of Research

Posted on:2018-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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HH Village Bank,founded in December,2012,is the ninth prefecture-level village bank.This kind of bank is to absorb loans in the city and issue ones below the county level,which is a new pattern for China Banking Regulatory to explore the management and development of new rural financial institution.It brings absorbed loans back to the rural area by means of Main-branch bank system.HH Bank has been set up for five years,leaving its layout of credit assets steady and balanced,laying fourteen local branches and realizing a complete three-level coverage.Along with the rapid development exist all kinds of challenges,such as decreasing profit growth rate,asset deterioration,which has become an unavoidable tendency in bank industry.Therefore,it is very important to increase financing channels,improve financing efficiency and improve its market value and brand recognition at this stage.For small and medium-sized companies,New Three Board listed should solve risk management,profitability and inside shareholder and so on,which are based on ownership structure,corporate governance as well as the combination of financial system.These call for comprehensive design and promotion.Firstly,In this essay I will briefly demonstrate some related theoretical bases and connotations of New Three Board listed,combining the background and meaning of HH Village Bank,according to its research background and content,the purpose of it is confirmed.Secondly,based on actual cases of the bank as well as paying more attention to management structure of New Three Board listed market and development potential.,I deeply state its outer and inner factors.what’s more,I will analyze the possibility of HH Village Bank listing with the help of SWOT Through CAMEL,from Capital Adequacy,Asset Quality,Management,Earnings and Liquidity,in this fiercely competitive environment of bank industry,in a financial reform of state,again I reasonably analyze the possibility and feasibility of New Three Board listed of HH Village Bank to further state the idea of this essay and put forward its design scheme.
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