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Research On The Application Of ESOP In State-owned Enterprise Of A

Posted on:2017-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330536465698Subject:Business Administration
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Stock option incentive is a widely adopted incentive by listed companies and large-size enterprises abroad.Practice shows that the incentive way due to the interests of shareholders and the interests of the company,company managers and employees benefit interests closely together,not only can reduce the short-term behavior of managers,and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees,so as to form the overall interests and risk sharing and enterprise,conducive to long-term development of the company.Therefore,it is important to put forward the enterprise employee stock ownership in the mixed ownership economy in the third Plenary Session of the 18 th CPC Central Committee.In this context,the author of this paper,A company intends to implement the backbone of employee stock ownership plan,to solve the problem of the backbone of the company’s staff incentive problem,which is conducive to the long-term development of the company’s health.Firstly,this paper uses literature research method combing the mixed ownership theory,equity incentive theory,ESOP theory,human capital theory and the enterprise residual claim theory and other related theories at home and abroad application and development status.Based on this,summarizes the implementation of ESOP should follow the principle,and based on the enterprise residual claim theory to analyze the incentive effect of the ESOP,expounds some basic methods and procedures of equity incentive.Secondly,the case study method is used to select A company in Taiyuan city as the research object.Based on introducing the basic situation of A company,analysis of the company’s operating conditions facing development opportunities,the company’s human capital management characteristics,the current human resource incentive problems and the backbone of the implementation of ESOP,the necessity of the implementation of equity incentive plan.Then,based on the relevant employee stock ownership theory combined with the actual situation of A company,the design principles,design ideas and implementation of the key employee stock ownership plan of A company are put forward.Finally,in order to smooth implementation of the plan,this paper puts forward the implementation of A company backbone employee stock ownership plan should be taken from the organization,system and corporate culture in three ways to take measures to protect.This paper conducts an case study about the incentive mechanism of ESOPs in State-owned Enterprise of A,which can effectively solve the problem of A company lack of long incentive mechanism and is referable and valuable to similar enterprises planning to implement ESOPs incentive mechanism.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mixed Ownership, Stock Ownership Incentive, Employee Stock Ownership(ESOP)
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