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Research On The Dynamic Pricing Strategy Of Takeaway O2O Platform Based On Two-sided Markets Theory

Posted on:2018-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330542488306Subject:Business management
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Since twenty-first Century,the development of the Internet technology change rapidly.Chinese government' vigorously promote the "Internet +",economic policy.Network interconnection technology has greatly improved the speed of economic growth.On the other hand,computer,mobile phone and other intelligent equipment penetration rate increased year by year.Many white-collar students and community groups search meals using network ordering.The Internet has changed people's way of life and speeded up the pace of life.In such a macro context,the traditional catering industry and internet technology combined with each other,the takeaway O2O platform has sprung up.The abundance of goods,efficient delivery service,affordable prices and other factors to attract many buyers to join the platform ordering takeout,also attract many potential consumers and business platform to join the cooperation.Takeaway 020 platform shows the typical characteristics of the two-sided markets.How to attract buyers and sellers to join the trading platform has become the key problem for sustainable management of the platform organization.Price is an important means of takeaway platform."price war" and "subsidy war" emerged among takeaway 020 platforms.After the fierce competition,"Elem" and "Meituan takeaway","Baidu takeaway" become the three biggest takeaway 020 platforms.In the competition and development of the 020 platform,the price competition between the platform and the integration of the merger will affect the number of users on both sides of the platform,and the platform needs to formulate the corresponding price strategy according to.the dynamic user base.Like takeaway 020 platform,many platforms organization emerged in many other industries under the internet derived technology and the macroeconomic stimulus,which has aroused widespread concern in academic circles,set off a new upsurge of research on the theory of organization.The platform is the most important part in the two-sided markets.two-sided markets theory could explain the structure,characteristics and important economic behavior of two-sided markets.This article uses the way of dynamic economics to study the dynamic pricing strategy of takeaway 020 platform based on the two-sided markets theory.First,we introduced the development status of takeaway 020 industry.reviewed two-sided markets theory and research on the platform organization by the domestic and foreign scholars.the research mainly focused on concept,features,pricing strategy of two-sided markets and platform organization.Secondly,this paper assumes that the net gains from trading on both sides of the user on the platform is a linear function of its utility.Then we got the dynamic model of the two sides to the number of users as the foundation by mathematical reasoning.We used the dynamic model to describe the typical problems of the two-sided markets theory in the "chicken and egg" problem vividly.Besides,we used the dynamic model to explain the relationship between the price of the platform with double the size of the user,so we could analyze the dynamic pricing strategy of platform organization.Next,this paper analyzed the price strategy in different periods of "Elem" platform to verify the conclusions of the theoretical model.Finally,this study found that:(1)The takeaway 020 platforms would use the "divide and rule" strategy to acquire rapid growth of two-sided user in the early stage;(2)There are "bottleneck" on both sides of the platform,once the number of users exceeded the critical amount,platform could be attractive to the users on the other side of the platform and improve the price of the other side;(3)Platform organization's price strategy on one side of the user's is influenced by the amount of users on the other side of the platform.platform could internalize the network externality,raise prices and increase the profitability of the platform space by the number of two-sides users.
Keywords/Search Tags:Two-sided markets, Platform organization, Price strategy
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