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The Research On Influencing Factors Of Makerspaces Based On Structural Equation Model

Posted on:2018-06-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Innovation is an eternal topic during the process of the development of human society.The economy is developing continuously and technology is updating successively,with the makerspace,which is the symbol of innovative era,taking place smoothly and spreading all around the world.Makerspace is a platform that provides the basic equipment and the spaces of communicating innovative ideas for makers,the development situation of which could affect the development of innovative stuff to a large degree.Colleges and universities are indispensable parts for the knowledge spread and innovation.The makerspace constructed in college or university can give prominence to the autonomy of students’ participation in innovative activities,which is an important embodiment of the trend of innovative time.Therefore,exploring the influencing factors of the development of makerspace in colleges or universities,especially in the engineering colleges,has become a problem which must be confronted with in the development of makerspace.According to the users’ choices of the makerspaces,researching for the factors that influence the development of makerspace is crucial to its development.Based on the data of questionnaire surveys investigated in several engineering universities in Tianjin,the structural equation model is utilized to analyze the obstructive factors of the development of makerspaces in engineering universities and the relationships among them.It turns out that in all factors affecting the development of makerspaces in colleges,the funding and costs during initial establishment have direct influences on the set of rights and duties to the participants.Elasticity factors like rights have significant influences on the participation willingness so the factor of fund and cost has significant indirect influences on participation willingness.Comparing to the elasticity factors,compulsory factors like duties have non-significant influences on participation willingness of makerspaces.Therefore,it is the initial construction fund and the control of operation cost that should be paid the most attention to when a makerspace is to build and develop.
Keywords/Search Tags:Makerspace, Structural Equation Model, Influence Factor, Participant Willingness, Engineering Universities
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