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Research On The Supervision Of Equity Crowdfunding In China

Posted on:2019-04-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a product of the development of internet finance,crowdfunding has been generated and developed in the European and American markets and has gradually appeared in the eyes of the people since 2011.Equity crowdfunding,as one of the crowdfunding models,has not only played the characteristics that crowdfunding should have,but also eased the problems of financing difficulties and financing for SMEs to some extent.Equity crowdfunding means that a financier or issuer publishes financing company information on an equity crowdfunding platform,and sells part of it as an investment return.The investor selects an investment project based on his own experience and risk appetite to make an investment,and obtains a return financing model..Equity crowdfunding has been warmly welcomed by small,medium and micro enterprises since entering China.Accompanied by the approval of equity crowdfunding by the Chinese government,the number of platforms has continued to increase.Fundraising projects and the amount of funds raised have also been continuously updated.The emergence of equity crowdfunding has led to a significant increase in the number of investors in China,which has injected new vitality into the development of small,medium and micro enterprises.However,while equity crowdfunding has grown wildly,the issue of exposure to new financing models has also followed.In the most stringent regulatory year in history,all sectors of society are also rethinking the direction of the development of equity crowdfunding.In the face of the development of equity crowdfunding,China has also shown the problem of lack of supervision.Because of the lack of supervision,equity crowdfunding will touch the sidelines of existing laws and regulations in China,thus constraining the development of equity crowdfunding.For our country,equity crowdfunding is emerging.If we want equity crowdfunding to grow like a traditional financial financing model,we must leave room for the growth of equity crowdfunding.However,it is precisely because it is different from the traditional financial financing model,it can easily lead to industry confusion,making the equity crowdfunding platform mixed.Therefore,China must clarify the position of equity crowdfunding and strengthen supervision,and introduce and implement the regulatory rules for equity crowdfunding,making equity crowdfunding develop orderly in supervision.By analyzing the regulatory policies of other countries,the author puts forward the experience worthy of our country's equity crowdfunding supervision,and puts forward suggestions to improve the supervision of equity crowdfunding in China from the perspectives of national government and equity crowdfunding platform.It is believed that China should first solve the legal red line problem of equity crowdfunding,and through the modification of the existing legal system,it will break the legal imprisonment of equity crowdfunding.Secondly,regulations on the regulation of equity crowdfunding should be formulated,and it is believed that the foreign regulatory act should be used to limit the equity crowdfunding investors and financiers,and the specific requirements for investment and financing restrictions should be put forward for the first time.The total amount of investment and financing restrictions and the investors' The proportion of investment in a single equity crowdfunding project.At the same time,for the first time,it has clearly established that the financing model of “lead investment + follow-up investment” is used as a standard model for equity crowdfunding,and requests for information disclosure by lead investors and how to avoid false investments by lead investors and collusion with financiers.
Keywords/Search Tags:Equity Crowdfunding, Investment Financing, Information Disclosure, Regulatory Countermeasure
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