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Study On The Conditions Of Zearalenone Production By Fusarium Graminearum Fg1 And The Control Of Fusarium Graminearum Fg1 By Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Y-912

Posted on:2018-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Zearalenone?ZEN?,mainly produced by Fusarium graminearum,Fusarium culmorum and other Fusarium spp,is an estrogen-containing metabolites with genotoxic,cytotoxic,immune toxic effects to humans and animals.F.graminearum mainly infect cereal crops,such as wheat and maize.Fusarium head causes great economic losses to wheat and makes the product unattractive to consumers.In this study,the effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Y-912 to control F.graminearum Fg1 was studied.The main results were as follows:?1?The effects of different inorganic salts,temperature,pH,carbon and nitrogen sources on the growth of F.graminearum Fg1 and ZEN production were studied.The results showed that different culture conditions affect the growth of F.graminearum Fg1 and ZEN production differently.Moreover,the maximum growth of F.graminearum Fg1 and production of ZEN was observed when glucose and sodium nitrate were used as the only carbon and nitrogen sources at pH 8.0 and 25?.?2?The growth and ZEN production by F.graminearum Fg1 was controlled by S.cerevisiae Y-912 under different concentrations,temperature and pH.The results showed that the higher the concentration of S.cerevisiae Y-912,the shorter the mycelium length and lesser the ZEN content produced by F.graminearum Fg1.The inhibitory effect on F.graminearum Fg1 by S.cerevisiae Y-912 was influenced by different temperature and pH.S.cerevisiae Y-912 inhibited the spore germination,spore germination length and mycelial dry weight of F.graminearum Fg1.?3?The differentially expressed proteins of F.graminearum Fg1 and F.graminearum Fg1 controlled by S.cerevisiae Y-912 were compared and analyzed using proteomics technique.The results showed that there were differentially expressed proteins in F.graminearum Fg1 enzymes related to basal metabolism such as enolase?ENO?,phosphoglycerol acid metabolites?PGAM?,fructose diphosphate aldolase?FBA?and citric acid pathway of malate dehydrogenase?MMD?.Some enzymes were related to amino acid metabolism and energy metabolism,some enzymes in the of F.graminearum Fg1 in vitro were downregulated.?4?The differential expressed genes of F.graminearum Fg1 and F.graminearum Fg1 controlled by S.cerevisiae Y-912 were analyzed using transcriptome analysis technique.Six genes related to basal metabolism of F.graminearum Fg1 were validated by RT-qPCR.The GPI encoded by FG0507693 gene,Citroyl synthetase encoded by the FGSG02352 gene,the GNA encoded by FGSG04543,Endo chitinase encoded by FGSG10783 gene,Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase encoded by FGSG10207 gene were downregulated and the response regulator encoded by FGSG08608 was upregulated.Similar trend was observed in the transcriptome analysis.
Keywords/Search Tags:Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Fusarium graminearum, Zearalenone, Proteome, Transcriptome
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