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Research On The Innovative Application Of Dragon Pattern In Modern Textile Design During The Yuan,ming And Qing Dynasties

Posted on:2019-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The dragon pattern occupies an indispensable place in the Chinese traditional patterns and becomes a typical symbol of our national culture.In the Yuan,Ming and Qing dynasties,the dragon dynasty has formed a relatively stable form,organizational structure and early dragon pattern,which has formed a big difference.It belongs to the stable period of dragon pattern development.The cultural roots of the three dynasties of the dragon pattern continued into the modern dragon pattern,adding to the cultural connotation of modern textile patterns and promoting the traditional culture of the nation.This paper explores the historical background,humanistic sentiments,and economic development of different dragon grain formations during the Yuan,Ming,and Qing Dynasties.Analyze the differences in the aesthetic culture,shape and fabric selection of the three Dynasty dynasties and trace the source.Use the dragon's arrogance in the Yuan dynasty,the elegance of the dragon in the Ming Dynasty,and the richness of the dragon in the Qing dynasty to use the modern textile dragon pattern to synthesize its design pattern.Targeted application design.The whole article will use three main parts to apply the case study of the dragon pattern in the Yuan,Ming and Qing Dynasties to the modern textile design.The first part is to explore how the dragon grain in the modern textile design follows the aesthetic concept of dragon in the Yuan,Ming and Qing Dynasties respectively,and innovatively designs a dragon grain rug against the luxurious atmosphere of the dragon in the Yuan Dynasty.The second part is the analysis of modern textiles.In what form the dragon pattern design case transplanted the dragon styling features of the three generations of the Yuan,Ming and Qing dynasties,and innovatively designed the dragon grain scarves according to the characteristics of the Ming dynasty dragon grain styling;the third part is the observation of modern textile designs.The technique used in the continuation of the dragon's textile techniques of the three generations of the Yuan,Ming and Qing dynasties and the design of dragon grain bedding for the Qing Dynasty's favorite embroidery craft innovation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yuan Mingqing, dragons, modern textiles, design and application
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