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Studies On Synthesis,Characterization,Optical Properties And Chemical Properties Of AIE Functional Materials

Posted on:2019-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2371330566999425Subject:Optical engineering
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With the development of science and technology,the application of luminescent materials has become increasingly widespread.Phosphors,represented by phosphors,are the core material of current lighting and display technologies.For example,a light emitting diode(LED)display cannot be separated from the phosphor.In order to make the paper appear whiter,fluorescent brighteners are sometimes added.It absorbs ultraviolet light and emits blue light.After being superposed with the yellow light emitted by the paper,it forms white and achieves whitening effect.The printing anti-counterfeiting technology used in banknotes and certificates,etc.,utilizes the characteristics of special inks that fluoresce under ultraviolet light,so that when we use the ultraviolet light to illuminate the RMB,we will see special marks,but many fluorescent materials are only in solution.In order to shine better,the fluorescence will disappear once it has accumulated or becomes solid.This phenomenon is known as "Aggregation-Caused Quenching"(ACQ),which has caused difficulties for the application of fluorescent materials.In 2001,Tang Benzhong's group found a phenomenon in which the luminescence in the solution was weak and the luminescence increased in the aggregated state.This phenomenon was called the AIE effect.Later,many scientific researchers focused on this field.Functional materials with AIE effects have broad prospects in electroluminescence materials,chemical sensing,biological imaging,and the so on.In this paper,we focus on synthesizing AIE effect functional materials as the core,construct three kinds of photoelectric materials with AIE effect,and study their luminescence properties,thermodynamic properties and self-assembly behavior.The main contents and innovations are as follows:In the first chapter,we design the carbazole and triazine as raw materials,add the carborane in the middle of the structure,and construct the AIE photoelectric material with D-A configuration.The results show that the chiral small molecules exhibit good AIE effect in both THF and THF-H2 O mixtures,have good thermal stability and good self-assembly behavior.In the second chapter,synthesis of chiral AIE functional materials using Suzuki coupling reaction was carried out using binapole,carborane and benzene rings as raw materials.Through the thermodynamic properties of materials,electrochemical,circular polarization fluorescence correlation test.It shows that the chiral material has good thermal stability and good circular polarization fluorescence CPL signal in the aggregate state.In the third chapter,the fluorene as the main body was embedded in the chiral anhydride group at the 2,7 position,and chiral amphiphilic materials with excellent luminescent properties were synthesized.Through the study of the luminescence behavior and structure,the luminescence mechanism was explored.Due to the strong and stable fluorescence emission of the material,it can be used as a promising inkjet printing material.
Keywords/Search Tags:Aggregation-induced luminescence, Self-assembly, Binaphthol, Circularly polarized luminescence, Amphiphilic
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