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Research On Five-star Feet Of Office Chair Of Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite

Posted on:2019-06-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F Y JiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2381330596964565Subject:Mechanical engineering
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Composite materials are widely used,and glass fiber reinforced composites have been widely applied in the office chair industry because of their high specific strength and high specific modulus.By using glass fiber reinforced composites,office chair five star feet and other structural parts can meet the strength requirements while reducing material consumption and reducing production costs.Glass fiber are oriented in the process of injection molding due to material flow,and the mechanical properties of molded products are anisotropic.In this paper,on the basis of the PA6+45%GF(nylon +45% glass)material test,the combined model flow analysis and the structural finite element analysis are used to systematically optimize the design and research on the five star foot of the office chair.The main work andresultsare as follows:1.The main problems faced by enterprises in R & D and production of fiber reinforced composites parts were investigated and analyzed,and the numerical simulation technology of fiber orientation in fiber reinforced composites and the research status of the simulation technology of material mechanical properties were analyzed,the research method and implementation plan of this paperwereestablished.2.Aiming at the effect of injection molding process on the mechanical properties of the material,,the best fiber orientation template structure was designed by using Moldflow simulation technology,and according to the orthogonal experiment,the injection process parameters were designed,then the injection molding experiments were carried out.The tensile test samples were cut from the sample plate and the effects of the injection molding process on the mechanical properties of the materials were analyzed.3.The sample plate was cut out into the test samples in the angle of 0,45 and 90 degrees with the direction of the injection mold,and the stress and strain tests on the samples were carried out to evaluate the effect of fiber orientation and technological parameters on the mechanical properties of the material.The fracture section of the sample was observed by SEM and the orientation of the fiber was analyzed.Using Advanced Material Exchange software to map the template fiber orientation from Moldflow to the sample finite element model,and simulate the spline tension in ABAQUS based on the stress and strain data obtained from the test.The error between simulated tensile results and test results were Evaluated.4.The injection mold of five-star feet was designed,and fiber orientation in injection molding process was analyzed.Based on the fiber orientation mapping method,the structure of the five-star feet of the PA6+45%GF was analyzed and the structure of the five-star feet was optimized to meet the strength requirements.The static strength test of five-star feet is carried out,and the simulation results are compared to evaluatetheaccuracy ofsimulation optimization.The influence of the injection molding process on the glass fiber orientation and the mechanical properties of the material was analyzed by the orthogonal test and the tensile test.Based on the test data,the numerical simulation of material mechanical properties is carried out,and the five-star chair feet are simulated and analyzed,and achieved the good results,which is of great guiding significance for the designofotherfiberreinforcedplasticparts.
Keywords/Search Tags:five-star chair feet, process parameters, mechanical property, fiber orientation, simulation analysis
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