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Study On Preparation And Performance Of Flexible Supercapacitor

Posted on:2018-09-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M L HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2382330566950944Subject:Materials Physics and Chemistry
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The supercapacitors as a new-style energy storage device have attracted tremendous attention.But unstable interface between the electrodes limits the development of flexible supercapacitor,it's promising to prepare a electrode with stable interface.In this work,the carbon materials are prepared as the buffer layer to depress the interface stress,MnO2 as the active material to assemble flexible supercapacitors.The detailed research contents are as follows:?1?Composite structure of PCF/Ni is fabricated by CVD method.Then MnO2 film is grown on the PCF/Ni by using an improved chemical bath deposition.The PCF serves as a buffer layer providing an convenient way to deposite MnO2 film tightly on PCF/Ni to fabricate the stable MnO2/PCF/Ni electrode.Microstructure observations show that the MnO2 film has a hierarchically porous structure,which provides a large surface area for charge storage.The FSC based on MnO2/PCF/Ni electrode exhibits high-energy/power density,ultrahigh rate capability,wide frequency range,extraordinary flexibility,and superior cycle lifetime.Furthermore,the FSC has a very short time constant?0.3-0.5 ms?and exhibits minimal change in capacitance under dynamic bending.?2?We choose the nickel wire as the other flexible substrate to prepare muliti-layer garphene?MGr?/Ni structure by CVD.Then MnO2 was deposited on the MGr by ICBD to fabricate the MnO2/MGr/Ni electrode,in which the muliti-layer garphene?MGr?serves as a buffer layer to facilitate the loading of the MnO2 and reduce the interfacial stress.Thus,the wire-type MnO2/MGr/Ni electrode has a stable and high quality interface.The wire-type supercapacitor?WSC?based on wire-type MnO2/MGr/Ni electrode exhibits good electrochemical performance,high rate capability,extraordinary flexibility.Furthermore,the FSC exhibits minimal change in capacitance under different bending shapes.
Keywords/Search Tags:buffer layer, porous carbon film, graphene, MnO2, flexible supercapacitor
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