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Research On Multi-Agent Based Coordinated Control Strategy Of Multi-Microgrid

Posted on:2021-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As an organic part of distribution network,micro-grid can realize the effective local consumption of renewable energy.However,with the increasing number of microgrids connected to the distribution network in recent years,the traditional centralized control method is difficult to quickly execute the dispatching instructions of the distribution network,while the hierarchical control structure based on multiple agents has great advantages in solving the optimization control problem of the microgrids themselves and between them.Therefore,this paper proposes a layered control model of multi-micro grid based on multi-agent control structure,and designs relevant optimization algorithms and strategies to realize coordinated control of multi-micro grid system and reduce the overall cost of multi-micro grid system and the influence of multi-micro grid fluctuation on distribution network.The main work of this paper are as follows:1.The paper analyzes the operation characteristics of distributed micro-sources in the microgrid,such as wind turbine,photovoltaic cell,microgas turbine,energy storage battery,gas boiler,air conditioner and cold,hot and electric load response,and establishes mathematical models respectively.The basic principle of multi-agent system is introduced and the research status of microgrid control methods at home and abroad is analyzed.On the basis of comparing the advantages and disadvantages of centralized optimal control,distributed optimal control and hierarchical optimal control of microgrid,a hierarchical control structure based on multiple agents,including micro-source level agents,micro-grid level agents and distribution level agents,is proposed,and the control strategies and functions of each layer are designed respectively.2.Considering the microgrid's thermal and power demand response,electricity purchase tariff structure,microgrid economy,environmental protection and other requirements,the paper established a including equipment operational cost,environmental cost and energy storage loss cost such as micro level agent of economic operation model,and design the coordinated control strategy of micro level net agent,Finally,MATLAB software is used to call CPLEX solver to optimize the solution.3.Based on the hierarchical planning theory,a two-layer optimal scheduling model of multi-microgrid for distribution level agents is proposed.The upper layer considers the minimum fluctuation of the total output of the multi-microgrid system,and takes the minimum total standard deviation of the overall output of the multi-microgrid as the optimization goal.The lower layer considers the overall benefit of the regional multi-micro grid system and optimizes the output of each distributed microsource.An improved artificial fish swarm particle swarm algorithm is proposed to solve the model.Two operation modes are respectively designed by MATLAB software combined with specific examples to carry out simulation verification and analysis on the proposed double-layer optimal scheduling model.The simulation results show that the multi-microgrid coordinated control strategy proposed in this paper can significantly improve the operating economy of the multi-microgrid system,reduce the fluctuation of the output of the microgrid group,reduce the adverse impact on the distribution network,and the flexibility of the regional multi-microgrid system is improved.
Keywords/Search Tags:Multi-microgrid system, Multi-Agent system, Control strategy, Bilevel optimal scheduling, Composite particle swarm algorithm
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