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Optimal Dispatch Of Power System With Wind Power And Electric Vehicles

Posted on:2020-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330620451015Subject:Electrical engineering
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The increasing wind power and electric vehicles(EVs)have brought new challenges for power system economic and reliable operation,because of their randomness.However,the coordinated dispatching between wind power and EVs is still in the preliminary stage,and the uncertainty and spatial-temporal correlation of wind power are studied rarely.In this paper,on the basis of analyzing wind power generation and EVs,the dispatching of power system with wind power generation and EVs is optimized.The main contents are as follows:In order to improve the economy and security of power system,a power flow algorithm based on multi-objective optimization in power system with wind power is proposed.Both the abandoned wind and the load shedding are translated into the penalty cost,to establish the proposed model.The proposed model is optimized by the fuzzy solution theory in the GAMS optimization platform.The simulation results show that the proposed method can improve both the economic and the security of power system.In order to encourage the EVs owners participating in V2 G energy storage by economic incentives,A bi-level optimization method of power grid with V2 G energy storage is proposed.The comprehensive cost of power system is minimized by planning the charging and discharging of V2 G energy storage in the upper level,while the outputs of EVs owners are minimized by considering the battery loss in the lower level.Simulation results indicate that the proposed method can not only improve power supply reliability and reduce carbon emissions of power system,but also increase the income of owners so as to improve the initiative of EVs owners.Aiming at the impact of wind power fluctuation and randomness on power system,a wind-vehicle cooperative stochastic optimal dispatching considering spatial-temporal correlation is proposed.Firstly,the Auto-regressive and moving average model(ARMA)time series model and Cholesky decomposition are employed to deal with the temporal and spatial correlation of wind power,and then the uncertainty of wind power is modeled by the multi-scenario simulation.Besides,a cooperative stochastic optimal model of wind power and EVs is constructed to minimize the operational cost of power system.The simulation results show that the uncertainty and temporal and spatial correlation of the wind can impact greatly on operating cost of power system,and the economy of system operation is improved effectively by integrating EVs into the power system appropriately.
Keywords/Search Tags:Power system, Wind power, Electric vehicles(EVs), Vehicles to grid, Multi-objective optimization, Bi-layer optimization, Coordinated dispatch, Stochastic programming
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