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Research On Bidirectional Double - Input Zeta Converter With Switching Inductance Unit

Posted on:2020-11-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330623965289Subject:Electrical engineering
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In the field of hybrid energy vehicles,a bi-directional dual-input DC/DC converter with high voltage gain and low current ripple characteristics is usually required.Based on the traditional Zeta converter and Sepic converter,a bi-directional dual-input magnetic integrated Zeta converter with switching inductance unit is proposed in this paper.The proposed converter has higher voltage gain,smaller inductance current ripple and better dynamic performance.In order to apply to the power supply system of hybrid electric vehicles and save resources,this paper adds one line of input on the basis of the traditional Zeta converter,and changes the diode with one-way function into a switch tube with directional function in the converter to achieve energy feedback.Introduced the switch inductance unit at the same time,make the converter voltage gain increased to 2D?1+D?/?1-D?,using magnetic integration technology and staggered parallel control technology,reduce the converter volume at the same time reduce the inductor current ripple,make it easier for mass production,the equivalent inductance transducer is obtained by converter modal analysis,and according to the inductor current ripple coefficient and dynamic coefficient and integrated inductance and the coupling coefficient expression and the relationship between the duty ratio D get the switch inductance unit input Zeta two-way coupling inductance transducer design criteria,and then choose the magnetic piece inductance integration scheme[1]is given.The input-output transfer function of the converter is obtained by modeling the converter with the time-averaged equivalent circuit method,which lays a foundation for the subsequent controller design.Finally,the correctness of the theoretical analysis is verified by simulation software and experimental prototype.The proposed bi-directional dual-input Zeta converter is suitable for use in the power supply system of hybrid electric vehicles.
Keywords/Search Tags:DC/DC converters, Switching inductance, Magnetic integration technology, Staggered parallel, Hybrid car
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