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Research On Magnetic Integration In Bidirectional DC/DC Converter

Posted on:2019-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Z LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2382330572452552Subject:Power electronics and electric drive
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Through the reasonable structure design of inductor,the integrated magnetic element is applied to the interleaved parallel bi-directional DC/DC converter.The advantage of this converter is that it can improve the performance and light load efficiency of the converter.Therefore,a new structure of coupling inductor,"EIE" inductor,is designed.The basic magnetic circuit model structure and the improved magnetic circuit model structure are analyzed and drawn according to the structure diagram.Then the design method is analyzed,and then the flux and air gap distribution of the "EIE" coupling inductor structure is studied.Using Maxwell Ansoft three-dimensional electromagnetic field software,the magnetic induction is simulated.Intensity and magnetic line of force.Finally,it is verified by relevant experiments that the structure of the "EIE" coupling inductor has the characteristics of reducing copper consumption and saving copper material,making the magnetic pressure distribution more uniform.The structure of the "EIE" coupling inductor is introduced into the magnetic integrated interleaved parallel bi-directional DC/DC converter.The results show that the inductance current waveform of the structure is relatively smooth,the output voltage ripple is relatively small,and when the switch tube is turned on and off,the inductance current of the structure is relatively smooth,and the output voltage ripple is relatively small.Its current peak is also relatively small.For the structure of "EIE" coupling inductor in this paper,the two-phase coil adopts the coupling mode of reverse coupling,which can reduce the partial directness.Current bias magnetic,reduce core loss,improve efficiency.The magnetic flux distribution is analyzed and the magnetic circuit model and the improved magnetic circuit model are established when the air gap edge is considered and when the air gap is not considered.For the calculation of self-inductance,leakage inductance,mutual inductance and air magnetoresistance,the space cutting method is used to calculate,and the properties and method design are obtained.The validity of the proposed "EIE" inductor structure and the correctness of the design method are verified by experimental verification and 3D finite element simulation software.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bidirectional DC/DC converter, Staggered parallel connection, Magnetic Integration, "EIE" coupling inductor, Magnetic Circuit Model
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