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Research On The Creative Techniques Of Stream Of Consciousness Movies

Posted on:2019-10-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Stream of Consciousness movies is based on its unique artistic creation rules and narrative rules.It follows the creative techniques of stream of consciousness novels to break the narrative structure under the general logic of reality and explore the inner activities,real desires,and awareness changes of characters.Try to use new audiovisual performance techniques to reflect the relationship between the individual and the external world,depict the subjective impression and sensory experience of people in different situations,and explain the contradiction between the intrinsic desire and external objective reality.This article takes the creation method of the stream of consciousness movie as the research object,and takes the various consciousness stream creation techniques used in the practice creation process of “Su Dao” as the main research example.From the three aspects of audio-visual language,character design,and space-time construction,the paper discusses in detail how the film uses these techniques to show the inner truth of the characters and the change of consciousness.Based on the theoretical support of the concept of "stream of consciousness" proposed by William James,and relying on Bergson's "Philosophy of Time" and Freud's unconscious theory,they integrate various literary schools in expressing the "inner truth" of people and " The theoretical basis for the interrelationship of spiritual unconsciousness is guided by theoretical viewpoints of literary literary masters such as Henry James and Marcel Proust.It explains the profound theories and the theoretical basis behind the stream-of-consciousness creation technique..Thus the film "Mr.Su Da" can be practiced on the theoretical plateau illuminated by the light of the sages.In order to show the heroine Zhou Wei in the face of life and death questions,the performance techniques used in the film can be reasonably accurate.,the change of consciousness and desire in the depths of his heart.
Keywords/Search Tags:Stream of Consciousness Movie, Conscious Space, Truth, Unconscious Desire, Mental Time
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