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Image Symbols And Symbolic Metaphor-Kiefer Anselm Art Language Inquiry

Posted on:2018-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Anselm Keifer is one of the most important representative of Contemporary German expressionist artist,his artistic language form a variety of performance characteristics,the performance content works cover painting,sculpture,installation,integrated materials in many different languages,with magnificent art language system with strong creative connotation,its appeal and the force of infection is the main characteristics of the performance of the image.His visual art language is constructed from the perspective of unconventional visual exploration,creating the infinite possibility and space of the new development of contemporary art language.This article will through the historical background of the development of the main line to study value of Keifer Anselm's artistic form language in the development of German Expressionism in the art form and structure analysis,comprehensive analysis of new material performance,Anselm Keifer in the contemporary expressionist art composition,graphic symbol and metaphor symbolic language of contemporary performance.In the performance of artistic language,it emphasizes on the specific artistic interpretation of the rich symbolic meaning of image and illusion.Anselm Keifer to the Bible,myth and the theme of music philosophy history background,in-depth thinking of the spirit of the times and the change of human psychology implicit expression of thinking on contemporary history.We look at how the transformation performance has the symbolic and symbolic language of contemporary art Anselm Keifer,try to use the new era significance concept to expand the scope and category of cognitive performance induction as a whole art language of the world.The formation and development of Keifer Anselm's artistic language has its own unique sense of the world around art judgment and value orientation,resource category of his art beyond the religious and national language,the new language of contemporary art thinking to explain the philosophy of religion,culture and history of the concept of different thinking and orientation.Through a lot of reading related literatures and summarized,according to the artistic language of contemporary Keifer Anselm performance analysis and practice research system.In this paper the structure begins by the detailed case analysis relations derived artist visual language in the current background and meaning,thinking of contemporary art by gradually interpretation of Keifer logic of image art language.The main part of this paper is divided into four chapters: the first chapter is the main content in the era of Keifer Anselm cultural and historical background for the principle,focuses on the study of him in the art painting expressive language application and transfer characteristics analysis,visual analysis method embodied by Keifer Anselm and contemporary expressionist language thinking expansion the practice of research;the second chapter mainly introduces the relationship between characteristics of Keifer art language,for him in the art of painting language in graphic composition form features discussion;the third chapter uses the investigation of metaphor,the unique artistic language in Anselm Keifer's symbolic spiritual world language performance system analysis the fourth chapter mainly discusses the research;Anselm Keifer art language in semiotic system The characteristics of speech phenomenon.This paper is the research on the art form of language analysis of his vision,through the new thinking perspective to understand his contemporary vision in the visual language performance reflected;gradually establish and perfect the whole structure of Anselm Keifer complete visual art language form through research,to further understand his conversion in Contemporary Law Vision the art of language provides a clear theoretical research and scientific basis,and the new visual language viewpoint relationship of contemporary life style of art expansion concept research and practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Anselm Keifer, background, modeling, metaphor, symbol image
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