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Interaction Between Visual Information And Textual Information-Based On Second Language Embodied Language Processing

Posted on:2019-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2405330563498725Subject:Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
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Combined with the framework of the Modular On-line Growth and Use of Language,this study explores and discusses the prime and interaction of the action-sentence compatibility effect,which originally occurs in the processing of textual information,between intra-lingual module and extra-lingual module.And this study also inspects and verifies the prime of a similar action-picture compatibility effect in the processing of visual information through response time tests designed by E-prime 2.0.The response time tests were performed on 30 English major postgraduates and 30 middle school students of compulsory education.Then related statistical analysis was performed on the collected data based on SPSS 20.0 software.The results indicated that firstly,an interaction of the action-sentence compatibility effect was verified between intra-lingual module and extra-lingual module based on the direction of the Modular On-line Growth and Use of Language.The interaction triggered a similar effect which was named the action-picture compatibility effect in the present study.Secondly,no significant differences in response time of different language levels have been found.Thirdly,obvious differences in accuracy have been found in different language levels.The prime of the action-picture compatibility effect further expands the scope of application of the Modular On-line Growth and Use of Language and increases its explanatory power.Besides,the explanations were given to the indistinctive differences of the response time and the conspicuous differences of the accuracy on the start of the action-picture compatibility effect in different language levels from the view of hierarchical restrain to the information processing and strategy selection of the language comprehension.The visual information in the extral-lingual module is high-hierarchy information which possesses a powerful directive and restraining properties to the low-hierarchy information in the information processing procedure,that is the textual information.What's more,language learners affirmed as advanced ones have more abundant background knowledge than primary language learners.Advanced language learners' reprocessing to the incompatible situation and primary language learners' shallow processing to the high-hierarchy information were triggered due to that difference in the procedure of language comprehension,which lead to advanced language learners' slow response with high accuracy and primary language learners' quick response with low accuracy.This study starts with the action-sentence compatibility effect,and then verifies a similar effect in the embodied processing of the visual information,that is the action-picture compatibility effect.This paper further provides empirical evidences to the reasonability and scientificity of the Action-picture Compatibility Effect that is based on the Modular On-line Growth and Use of Language.It on the one hand advances the development of the online framework and on the other hand replenish the researches of the action-sentence compatibility effect.
Keywords/Search Tags:embodied language processing, action-sentence compatibility effect, information processing, interaction
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