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An Imvestigation Into Senior High School Students' Perceptions Of And Attitudes Toward TBLT

Posted on:2019-11-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Q LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2415330545971495Subject:Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
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Task-based Language Teaching(TBLT)has captured increased attention of some experts and researchers in the field of second language acquisition and foreign language teaching,and became a hot topic in China in recent years.Learners' perceptions and attitudes play essential roles in their learning process and ultimate learning outcome.Thus,it is necessary for us to investigate senior high school students' perceptions of and attitudes toward TBLT,and try to figure out the obstacles they perceive or predict in their English classes.A total of 200 secondary school students in three intact classes from Nanchang No.1 Middle School involved in this study.They were required to fill in a questionnaire,which consists of 18 items,and ten of them were selected to participate in a semi-structural interview.This study aimed at answering the following research questions:(1)The senior high students' general perceptions of TBLT;(2)The senior high students' general attitudes toward TBLT;(3)The relationship between students' perceptions of TBLT and their attitudes toward its application;(4)The reasons of their likes or dislikes the implementation of TBLT approach.Research results showed that:(1)The students in senior high schools can understand and grasp the key concepts and principles of TBLT(M=3.35);(2)The students in senior high schools have positive attitudes toward the implementation of TBLT in their English classes(M=3.44);(3)There is positive correlation between students' perceptions of TBLT and their attitudes toward its application in English class(r=.575).That is to say,the more students familiar with TBLT,the more they have positive attitudes toward implementing this new approach in their own English classes;4)Among the students who like the implementation of TBLT,only 45.5%believe TBLT can enhance their academic records.And the factor of lacking appropriate teaching materials that proper for implementing TBLT in English class(54.3%)is what the students who dislike implementing TBLT in their English class concerned about most.Based on the results of the study,we have some suggestions for language teaching and learning.For English teachers,first,they should avoid their students' misunderstandings of TBLT and consciously orientate their students toward correctunderstandings about the key concepts and principles of TBLT.Second,they should encourage their students to learn how to deal with the varieties of tasks in activities and efficiently use their collaborative skills Third,they should create real-world situation for students as much as possible,e.g,.they can recommend or offer classical and original materials.Fourth,they should enhance their own proficiency level in English and well understand knowledge of TBLT.And the government should allocate more fund to appropriately reduce the class size in schools for the purpose of providing students with more opportunities to practice their English.
Keywords/Search Tags:Task-based language teaching(TBLT), senior high school students, perception, attitude
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