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?A New Account Of The Tales Of The World? Series

Posted on:2020-11-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of the times and the progress of science and technology,fashion elements in various fields of art are constantly innovating and changing.It is an endless and inexhaustible resource,as well as the motive force and nutrient for the development of modern sculpture art.Based on the practice of self-creation,this paper mainly analyses and expounds the concept of fashion element in modern sculpture ontology language,and expounds the concrete expression and innovative application of fashion element in modern sculpture.The article first defines the concept of "fashion" scientifically and expounds the relevant performance of the combination of traditional sculpture and fashion elements.Then it expounds the collision and integration of fashion elements and modern sculpture by means of example demonstration and comparative analysis,and describes how fashion elements can be more comprehensively and deeply applied to modern sculpture from the perspective of practical application combined with methodology.The main part of the article combines my inspiration and practical experience in sculpture creation.It mainly discusses the use of fashion elements from the aspects of theme concept,formal language,shape space,materials,etc.Finally,the conclusion discusses the tremendous influence of fashion elements on the development of future sculpture creation and prospects,fully affirms the value and significance of fashion elements in future sculpture expression.
Keywords/Search Tags:fashion element, sculpture, innovative application
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