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Take The Idea As "Material"

Posted on:2020-07-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In mid 1960 s,as the most compelling concept art in the art history of art schools,is an important historical period of art changed,it broke through the abstract art as the representative of the modern form of the traditional form to explore the main manifestations of the flow into the concept of the theme of the exploration of the form up."The idea is art",concept artist believes that the creation of a work,should pay attention to the creation intention,but not on the surface in the form of language expression,to convey their intention,does not have to rely on manual manufacturing form,can take a variety of forms or already existing in the various items added to the art creations.It is these ideas to the traditional formalism to explore the concept of expression,and to lay the foundation of modern art form.And as one of the traditional sculpture art form has a long history,in the influence of conceptual art thought and artistic thought in all at the same time there has been a revolutionary shift,for example,to finished products as the representative of the art of misappropriation of poverty;artists in earth art on the natural environment of thinking etc.."Taking ideas as the center",that is,the idea of "thinking" as the starting point of the creation,has become the leading part of the creation of sculpture.This paper is based on the concept of art artistic ideology of carding,generalized and summarized,and its development and at the same time period and after the development features of modern sculpture combination,discusses the interaction between the two and the common development of mutual influence,cited concept art of contemporary sculpture creation thought.The first chapter summarizes the concept and concept of art,as well as its influence on art,including sculpture.The second chapter,through theories and examples,quotes the influence of conceptual art thoughts on the language of sculpture creation,and guides and studies how to choose language forms in our sculpture creation,so as to better and better expound our own views.The third chapter demonstrates the influence of concept art thoughts on the theme of sculpture creation.From the modern and contemporary sculpture works,we can see that ideas are the soul of sculpture creation.The concept of "material",is to study the influence of conceptual art ideology,conception sculpture in the new semantic or on social text of the new interpretation,emphasizes the role of concept of the factors in the creation of sculpture,which requires us to focus on the present,focus on life,combined with the historical and cultural characteristics of their own.In the works of prominent and historical concept.At the same time,we must combine with the language of sculpture itself,find the other art that can not be replaced in sculpture,better understand the aesthetic concept in modern sculpture,and guide us to make more forward-looking works of art.
Keywords/Search Tags:Concept, Artistic thought, Sculpture creation, Influence, Conceptual factors
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