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A Study On The Narration Of Homesickness Documentaries In The New Era

Posted on:2020-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Documentary narrative from not up to the big background of social changes,particularly in terms of culture,because culture embodies the development of the whole social economic basis,at the same time it as part of the superstructure as the foundation of economic power to a certain extent,so the documentary film as an art form,in the development of more or less will be affected by the policy of the country,or limited or benefit.Therefore,the dual cultural context of Chinese social modernization context and traditional national cultural context is the background of documentary creation in China.The specific representation of these two contexts is the narration of documentary,which carries numerous and complicated information.The generation of "homesickness" is related to the change of our whole social environment,cultural background and living space.In the "new era",the manifestation is the change of psychological space caused by the geographical space caused by population migration.With the acceleration of urbanization,urban and rural areas are quickly separated into two opposite cultural Spaces.People living in these two Spaces feel alienated psychologically.The imbalance between urban and rural dual development has brought about some practical problems,such as the social fault between urban and rural areas,the rupture of traditional culture,the stripping of the sense of value identity and so on.These problems are related to the rapid development of social economy,the gradual deconstruction of agricultural culture,the transformation of national development strategy and general layout,and the transformation of the overall structure of society.Documentary as a reflection of the social transformation period,presents the development trend of social isomorphism,record the change of the space between urban and rural areas,"nostalgia" into the new era of art subject is an important link and turned to,this is the confidence of our country to establish culture formed a kind of art of intertextuality,new age and "homesickness" the relationship between the natural with a brand and its unique characteristics of The Times.From the perspective of narratology,the narrative medium of documentaries is story space,while narrative mode is spatial narrative.Using the method of modern narratology,we can identify and analyze the deep structure of the narration of China's homesickness documentaries,which is necessary to understand the nature and function of China's homesickness documentaries."Homesickness" is the core concept of narration in Chinese homesickness documentaries,which has influenced the ontology and essentialism of Chinese homesickness documentaries.The narration of homesickness documentaries in the new era has realistic guiding significance for the creation and production of homesickness documentaries in China.The introduction part elaborates on the research background of this paper,and then summarizes the current academic research status of documentary narration and nostalgia documentary,and finally defines some relevant concepts of this paper.The second chapter mainly studies the evolution of homesickness documentaries.From the exploration of the early homesickness documentary to the analysis of the current situation of the narrative context of the new era homesickness documentary.One is the direct cause of "homesickness",namely the realistic social and cultural context.One is the indirect cause of "homesickness",the historical and cultural context and the network environment.Together,they influenced the formation and spread of "homesickness".The third chapter focuses on exploring the identity anxiety and cultural pursuit of homesickness documentaries since the new era.To be specific,the narrative subject is realistic,the narrative content excavates the modern elements in the traditional culture,pays attention to the use of the discourse of heroes and sages,returns to the countryside in the narrative space to rebuild the countryside,continues and strengthens the nostalgia memory.The fourth chapter mainly analyzes the narrative mode of the documentary's construction of "homesickness".From the perspective of the creative subject,the symbolic construction of homesickness,the presentation of rituals and other ways to wake up people's "homesickness" memory.Chapter five discusses the dissolution of "homesickness" in the new media environment and the unity of opposites between the construction of "homesickness" in the new era.
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