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The Analysis On The Homesickness Narrative Of Chinese Documentaries Since The New Era

Posted on:2019-07-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since ancient times,China has advocated farming culture,and the ancestors lived together in land and blood clan,forming a very stable local society.And this is a special contradiction with the social changes such as natural disasters and conflicts and conflicts,which promotes a kind of "homesickness" mentality shared by people.With the gradual progress of modernization,more and more open era has endowed the connotation of"nostalgia".Since the new era,many documentaries in our country have been filled with strong homesickness,which deeply reflects the real changes of Chinese society and has aroused wide emotional resonance among the audience.This paper analyzes the"discourse" of "homesickness" expressed in Chinese documentaries by combing the text of multiple documentaries,as well as the way it is constructed and the interaction with social significance.The introduction part firstly explains the purpose of this article and the research value as well as social significance.And then combs the current research situation about the documentary narrative and "homesickness" narrative around the current academic circles.Finally explains and discriminates the related concepts.The first chapter mainly explores the narrative context of Chinese documentary nostalgia narration since the new era.As the social cultural reality of the explicit context and the network "homesickness" as the implicit context,the "homesickness" is influenced by the generation of the meaning of "homesickness".At the same time,the context of documentary situation and social reality also show certain interactivity.The second chapter mainly studies the narrative strategy of Chinese documentary"homesickness" narration since the new period.In particular,the narrative form is characterized by type immobilization,grand narrative,and suffering narration to style pluralism,underlying concern,and romanticism.The narrative rhythm has the rhythmical features,which presents a vivid rhythm with cheerful and depressing resonance,as well as the invisible rhythm of the narrative and conflict narration.The audio-visual rhetoric presents the characteristics of "low-level gaze" and "national poetry".The third chapter focuses on the significance of Chinese documentary homesickness narration since the new period.Pointed out that in the first quarter,since the new period of more than a documentary has the characteristics of images of ethnography,to construct the Chinese country image,the underlying social image of the specimen,shape the basic forms of cultural "homesickness" carrier;In the second section,we analyze the interaction between the connotation of "homesickness" and the social significance of the documentary from the concrete symbols,ritual symbols,space-time symbols and gender symbols.The third quarter,explores the documentary video "homesickness" discourse expression mechanism,namely the documentary through the construction of physical space and landscape space,mental space with audience "homesickness" memory space.The fourth chapter is about the documentary film "homesickness" narration of the predicament and the modernity of the question.This paper mainly explains the several communication difficulties that homesickness narrative documentaries face in modern times.At the same time,in the context of globalization,the relationship between human and society and the correlation between groups and individuals has become a new reference perspective for the interpretation of "homesickness".
Keywords/Search Tags:New period, Documentary narration, Homesickness narration, Symbolic metaphor, Space narration
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