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A Study On Interpreting Of Culturally-loaded Words And Expressions In Foreign Affairs Interpretation From The Perspective Of Adaptation Theory

Posted on:2021-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The transmission of cultural information has become an important part of the cross-cultural communication among countries since the cross-cultural communication and cooperation among countries are increasingly frequent with the continuous development of economic globalization.Culturally-loaded words and expressions,as an important part of language,are often misunderstood by audiences in foreign affairs interpretation under the great influence of different linguistic and cultural environments.Therefore,the interpreting of culturally-loaded words and expressions has always been the focus of the translation circle.Employing adaptation theory proposed by Verschueren as its theoretical framework to explore the interpretation of culturally-loaded expressions through collecting and sorting out all kinds of important cases of interpreting culturally-loaded expressions in foreign affairs,this thesis makes a comprehensive exploration of the contextual adaptability,structural objects of adaptability and the salience of adaptability into foreign affairs interpretation by adopting the methods of illustration,comparison and descriptive analysis and further proposes interpretation strategies of culturally-loaded expressions as multi-dimensional adaptations of interpreters based on the characteristics of foreign affairs interpretation.It is concluded that adaptation theory is very effective for interpreting culturally-loaded expressions.Under the guidance of this theory,the interpreters can adapt himself to the context and structure of target language and the salience of target audiences by chiefly making multidimensional transformation in interpreting culturally-loaded expressions so as to convey sense of culturally-loaded expressions and facilitate the cross-cultural communication.
Keywords/Search Tags:adaptation theory, culturally-loaded words and expressions, contextual correlates of adaptability, structural objects of adaptability, dynamics of adaptability, salience of adaptability
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