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The Survey Research Of Customary Law Of Miao's Marriage In Qiandongnan

Posted on:2014-12-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Miao is an ancient nation,which not only has rich cultural connotations,and has its own unique rules in marriage customs.There are a number of Miao's branches and its lives are scattered,but Miao's marriage is basically the same in many ways,such as monogamy,common ancestry(maternal cousin)not to marry,Avunculate constraints,free love,and self-marriage.Married,Miriam and customs are different in different places,but there also is the same in different,so these form a unique set of culture of Miao's marriage.The marriage is one kind of behavior folk,which reflects psychological screenings,but it is more performance for tangible heritage activities,so it is naturally created by the working people in production and daily life.So it has long inherited enough to restrain people behavior and awareness habits,and it is a cultural phenomenon which is the integrated performance of the material culture and spiritual culture and is a witness to history and presence.By reading the literature and field survey of the number of Miao Village,this paper finished more in-depth interviews,data collection and analysis of research topics,starting from the concept of marriage and changes in the way.With the economic globalization,modern media,the popularity of modern entertainment and by the Han and other brothers and customs of ethnic minorities,in the original has changed the lifestyle of the Miao people in the closed state,Miao marriage customs happened change,and the national style gradually fade.Also follow the men and women met to propose marriage,marriage tradition,but in many areas show significant simplification.
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