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The Investigation Report On Reform Of Trial Record In Substantive Trial

Posted on:2019-01-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Trial record reform refers to the recording of court proceedings using full audio and video recording methods or using intelligent speech recognition systems.Up till now,the reform has been implemented in the trial court in the Z Province for more than three years.This system has positive significance in liberating the clerk,speeding up the trial pace,improving trial efficiency,and safeguarding the rights of the parties.Legal issues,practical operations,and technical issues need to be improved and improved.From the perspective of the courts in the H city of Z province,this paper investigates the recording and recording system of court trial records,tries to analyze the current operating conditions of the system through investigation,and then looks for problems in implementation,and finally puts forward correspondingly sound recommendations.The article includes the introduction,the text,and the epilogue.The text consists of four parts.The article totals about 20,000 words.The first part is an overview of the trial record reform.This section mainly describes the background of the trial record reform and the value of the audio and video recordings of the trial records.With the wisdom building of the wisdom court building in full swing,accelerating the reform of trial records is truly conducive to the realization of the trial as the center and realizing the substantive nature of the trial.The second part is the operation status and overall evaluation of audio and video recordings of court trials.Introduce the overall operation status of the audio and video recordings of the trial,and introduce the application of courtroom reforms from January 2015 to March 2017 in H city,mainly concerning the number of court reform cases,the application rate,the number of trial notes,and the proportion of cases,etc.Analyze the current situation of the trial record reform.In the overall evaluation,the main method is to conduct interviews with judges and clerk in the form of interviews and paper questionnaires,and to summarize and analyze the attitudes and opinions of all parties and to obtain benefits from them.The third part is about the problems in the implementation of audio and video recording systems for court records.By analyzing the status of practice operations,analyze existing problems and briefly analyze the reasons.There are four main problems: first,the legal normsare not clear;second,the practice is misconducted;third,the lack of judges' own abilities results in low application rates;and fourth,technical bottlenecks and data insecurity problems.The fourth part is the improvement and construction of the audio and video recording system for court records.Based on the existing problems,combined with the actual work of the trial,we propose feasible solutions from various aspects including improving the legal mechanism,changing ideological concepts,upgrading judges' capabilities,improving the working mechanism,and strengthening the improvement of technical equipment and data security.
Keywords/Search Tags:Trial record, Trial recording and video recording, Wisdom Court, Substantive trial, Judicial efficiency
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