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Study Of The Informatization Of Court Trial Of Civil Litigation

Posted on:2020-07-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The reform of the informatization of civil litigation refers to the utilization of digital audio,video,network and ancillary hardware devices to collect,induce,manage,store and utilize the data and information of each link in the judicial practice of civil litigation.The reform of informatization of court trial of civil litigation is the most complicated and important part,which refers to completing the court trial by means of modern information science and technology,such as information recording of court trial,live webcast of the video of court trial,multimedia representation of evidence,and remote trial,etc.The legislation on the informatization of court trial has been improved gradually with the modification of the Civil Procedural Law,the implementation of the judicial interpretation of civil litigation,and the promulgation of the Supreme People's Court's Provision on Several Issues Concerning the Trial of Cases of Internet Courts.Meanwhile,both the Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Some Major Issues Concerning Comprehensively Deepening the Reform and the Fourth Five-Year Reform Outline of the People's Court(2014-2018),the background of judicial reform has been consistently assisting the reform of the informatization of court trial of civil litigation.According to the investigation and research of the practice of informatization of court trial of civil litigation in our country,the author of the thesis starts from judicial reform,analysis of jurisprudence,comparative research,technical application,put forward suggestions on the scope and modes of applyingthe information technology in court trial of civil litigation in China at present.By guaranteeing the rights and interests of the party and the fundamental principles of civil litigation,expanding and promoting the reform of the information court trial of civil litigation,guiding correctly and regulating reasonably,“Internet + court trial of civil litigation” can guarantee the justice of trial,to improve the efficiency of litigation,and to promote the judicial reform better.
Keywords/Search Tags:The informatization of court trial of civil litigation, information recording of court trial, multimedia presentation of evidence, remote court trial, Internet court
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