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A Study On The Farmers' Ideological And Political Education In The Agricultural Co-operative Movement Of Hainan

Posted on:2019-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330548452556Subject:Ideological and political education
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The Agricultural Co-operative Movement was a profound change in rural social economy after the establishment of New China,it completed the transition from the Individual Ownership to the Group Ownership in no time flat.Among that moment,the Chinese Communist Party played an significant role in conducting the effective work of ideological and political education for farmers.The scope of this paper lies in specifically examines and analyzes the Party's ideological and political education for farmers in Hainan's agricultural cooperative movement from 1953 to 1956.Besides introduction,this dissertation can be divided into four elements:The First part describes the development of the time when Hainan's agricultural cooperative movement happened,and the social and psychological conditions of Hainan peasants.In the movement for agricultural cooperation of Hainan,experienced three stages of development.Moreover,it is common for the peasant masses of Hainan to exist self-interest,gratitude and conformity psychology.The second part elucidates the main content of peasant's ideological and political education in the movement of agricultural cooperation,including the advocacy and education of the General Line of Transition Period of the CPC,the education of socialism and collectivism,the superiority of agricultural cooperation,and its related the policy and process of education,etc.The third part discusses the basic methods and characteristics of peasants' ideological and political education in the agricultural cooperative movement.In this movement,the CPC has applied flexibly methods of the ideological and political education to peasants,for instance,persuasive education and comparative education,and it also reveals its characteristics of the peasants,for example,The combination of culture education and ideology education;The combination of vigorous propaganda and intensified ideological and political work;The combination of solving ideological issues and solving practical problems.The fourth part concludes some enlightenments of peasant's ideological and political education in Hainan's agricultural cooperative Movement.Its main content is to closely around the central task of the party as the basic prerequisite for farmers' ideological and political work;To fulfill the peasant's needs in materials,and benefits is the basement thoughts on doing a good job of ideological and political education work;To strengthen the education of rural grassroots party members and cadres is the key to do well in ideological and political work for farmers;To take education methods that the masses is delighted to see and love as an effective way of conducting the ideological and political education into effect.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Communist Party of China, Hainan, the Agricultural Co-operative Movement, the Ideological and Political education of peasants
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