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Research On The Risk Prevention Of Telecom Network Fraud In Quan Zhou Agricultural Bank In The Context Of Big Data

Posted on:2019-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330563959337Subject:Business Administration
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Commercial Banks face three risks of market risk,credit risk and operation risk.As one of the three big bank risk,operational risk is also the most difficult to guard against the risk,it is to point to by imperfect or defective internal program,employees,and information technology systems,as well as the risk of losses caused by external events.In 1995,the bank of bahrain was bankrupted by the unauthorised manipulation of the nikkei index futures and options trading by UK currency trader Nick ellison.In 2008 Jerome kerviel made a loss of about $7.1 billion for the unauthorised European equity derivatives trade.In December 2010,China's qilu bank was defrauded by outsiders,and the amount involved amounted to 10.1 billion yuan.In January 2016,the employees of citic bank were suspected of illegally collecting 900 million yuan notes.These cases show that commercial Banks in the daily operation,the management of operational risk is imperative.With the continuous deepening of financial market reform and the popularization of modern information technology,the traditional operation risk control system of Banks faces serious challenges.The development of big data technology will change the acquisition,quantitative risk analysis management of bank operation risk information and provide more standard decision support.This article mainly explores the application of big data in the prevention and control of commercial bank operational risk.This paper selects the loss caused by external events,the domestic hot spots this year,the telecommunications network fraud as a case,the operation of the Agricultural Bank outlets,due to the system is not perfect,the process is irrational,operational errors and artificial identification is not in place,Research on the operation risk of fraud management business,and combine with data mining,risk quantification and risk management,to provide more valuable management methods and strategies for risk management of commercial banks and help commercial banks establish a sound risk prevention and control system.Through the quantitative analysis of the operational risk of telecommunications network fraud big data technology,can more accurately describe and identify operational problems,provide the basis for the management of operational risk management methods,provide more valuable and strategies for the development of banking business and risk management.To build a big data platform based on bank operational risk is of great significance for reducing the potential risks and improving the ability to manage and control risks,and to do a good job in the management of telecommunications network fraud from the source.
Keywords/Search Tags:Operational risk, Big data, Telecom fraud, Commercial Banks
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