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Countermeasure Research For Telecom Fraud Prevention Based On The Public Responsibility Of The State-owned Commercial Banks

Posted on:2019-11-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330566965337Subject:Public administration
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In recent years,along with our country economy level unceasing enhancement and the advance of science and technology,banking,telecommunications industry,the Internet industry in China is in rapid development.Telecom fraud as a new form of fraud,spread quickly in our country with the aid of modern information tools and Internet financial technology.Telecom fraud,the deformity of the highly development of finance and telecommunications,has become the largest kind of crimes against property,and extended to all parts of the country in recent 10 years.The telecom fraud's wide harm not only caused huge economic loss to the public and mental damage,also bring serious challenges to the social order,seriously affected the normal economic order and social harmony and stability.This article tries to put forward effective coping strategies from the perspective of measures and difficulties for the state-owned commercial Banks to prevent and control telecommunications fraud risk.This article further studies the problemsand countermeasures existing in to prevent the China telecom fraud mainly from the following several parts: the first part mainly expounds the situation of telecom fraud and the realistic significance of telecom fraud prevention as the social responsibility of state-owned commercial Banks.The second part discusses some measures and results in telecom fraud prevetion of Commercial Banks.The third part expounds the difficulties in telecom fraud prevention for commercial bank due to insufficient to fulfill social responsibility consciousness,external and internal rules and regulations imperfect,ambiguity of government leading role,and other reasons.The fourth part,corresponding to the above problems,puts forward some feasible measures of prevention and control of telecom fraud for commercial Banks including taking measures in increasing social responsibility consciousness,improve the internal system construction,strengthen the government's leading role and other aspects to maximize the curb telecom fraud,improve the public sense of security,and maintain social harmony and stability.
Keywords/Search Tags:telecom fraud, risk prevention, channel control, cooperation mechanism
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