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The Identification And Legal Regulation Of Non-fair Related Transactions Of Listed Companies

Posted on:2019-04-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Connected transactionis accompanied by the evolution of corporate governance structure and the development of enterprise groups.In the business activities of listed companies in China,the phenomenon of linked very common.It is a neutral enterprise trading activity to carry out related transactions in listed companies.Under normal circumstances,related transactions can save transaction costs and improve transaction efficiency.But there are also potential dangers.The unfair association fair raises a lot of questions,providing.opportunities to control the profits and transfer payments,of controlling shareholders of listed companies,resulting in the damage to the related interests.Based on the analysis of the legal basis of listed companies,this paper analyzes and reconstructs the legal definition of non-fair correlation transactions of listed companies.In order to protect the interests of listed companies,creditors,and small and medium-sized shareholders,and to protect listed companies in China,the status quo of related-party transactions is fully analyzed,at the same time compared to other countries and regions of the relevant system design,discusses the theory of legal regulation system for related transactions of listed companies in our country.Through the analysis of the relevant provisions of China's current company law,this paper discusses the regulation mode of related transactions in the company law of our country,which involves director resistance,medium and small shareholders interests protection and the responsibilities of controlling shareholders,including beforehand prevention,control and remedy mechanism.At the same time,the regulation and disposal methods of securities law are analyzed and collated,and Suggestions are made on the regulation of related transactions of listed companies in combination with the new regulatory thinking.In-depth analysis of the existing legal norms and carding of regulation,is not only beneficial to strengthen the understanding of legal norms,to maximize play its regulatory role,can also be found in the systeim,provide the conditions for the further perfect and development of law.
Keywords/Search Tags:Listed Company, Connected Transaction, Related transactions, Securities law, Company law
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