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A Study On The Legal Problems Of Rural Land Contractual Management

Posted on:2018-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Land related to the vital interests of farmers,related to agricultural development and rural social stability.The current rural economic development speed,the scale of the scale of operation gradually expanded,the current land contract responsibility system to meet the agricultural production and rural social progress has shown more and more unsuitable,especially the household contract system for agricultural production The limitations or limitations are increasingly apparent.In order to properly solve this problem,the state has been deepening reform and exploration,have promulgated the "Property Law" and "Rural Land Contract Law",etc.,to provide legal protection for the transfer of rural land contract management rights.Since the 18 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China(CPC),the state has introduced a series of policies and measures to deepen the rural land reform in a timely manner,and provided clear guidelines for promoting rural land circulation and promoting large-scale agricultural operation.Therefore,this paper chooses the rural land contracting right to run the legal issue as the research topic,the rural land contract management right distribution interpretation,combined with the current rural land transfer authority data,elaborated in 2016 central government issued "Separating rural land ownership rights,contract rights,and management rights" The importance of the method."Separating rural land ownership rights,contract rights,and management rights" is the current rural reform in China is another important innovation initiatives,rural contracting right to register is to implement the "Separating rural land ownership rights,contract rights,and management rights" an important content.Rural collective land property rights is not clear,the limitations of the transfer of the way and the rural land has been irregular flow,so that the land is indeed registered in the process of promoting the emergence of a lot of problems.And then put forward to improve the land property rights system,clarify the land ownership subject,break the existing legal restrictions,integrate the land transfer way,improve the "Separating rural land ownership rights,contract rights,and management rights" approach,regulate the land circulation behavior,standardize the land right to register,strengthen the judicial protection Recommendations,with a view to promoting the "Separating rural land ownership rights,contract rights,and management rights" smooth implementation.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural land contractual management right, transfer, separating rural land ownership rights, contract rights,and management rights registration
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