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On The Exclusionary Rule Of Illegally Obtained Evidence In Civil Procedure

Posted on:2019-05-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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On the premise of China's current lawsuit system,it is important to establish exclusionary rule of illegally obtained evidence in civil procedure suited to national rule of illegally collecting evidence action and guarantee citizen's lawful rights and interests.The illegal evidence exclusion has since always been the punishment sues the lawsuit research the key question,and the National People's Congress about revises: article 68 of the provisions of the supreme people's court on the evidence of civil action shows that it has been clear about “the illegally evidence” the scope.Which has formulated related illegally questions evidence standard and procedure and so on,which has provided authority's basis and the instruction for our country judicature practice in.This paper is divided into four parts,designed to rule out the meaning of the rules through the analysis of illegal evidence in civil theoretical basis and function,comparative review of the existing provisions of the other countries of the world,to face China's legislative situation and existing problems,improve our civil illegal evidence of exclusion rules,the establishment of a complete system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Civil Procedure, Illegally Evidence, On the Exclusionary Rule of Illegally Obtained Evidence in Civil Procedure, Two Major Legal Systems
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