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A Research On Ownership Of Copyright And Protection Of Online Game Live Screen

Posted on:2020-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,Webcast industry is developing rapidly,has a lots of conflicts with Online game industry,and evokes lots of problems in judicial practice.The article puts forward online game live screen in Copyright problems in academia popularly,to start with the case which Guangzhou Hua Network Technology Company was accused of infringing on the live of “Dream west tour two” Copyright by Net Ease Corporation.To know research about Copyright of online game live screen at home and abroad,there are different standpoints in domestic academic circle on work properties,ownership of work about online game live screen and the action properties of broadcasting by online the game screen.The data of study on online game live screen was very seldom at abroad,for example,though Korea didn't firmly believe them by laws,it accredited Copyright which was created by game players to game players,and gave a status to the actions of game live industry on the law,The revision of the Korean Copyright Law is a representative of the partial rights theory.Then,America only affirmed them by judicial precedents,Its mainstream thinks it is audiovisual.The article analyzed and affirmed that online game live screen was a work on Copyright Law,and as a whole,it should vest to the work which was made by the way of making movies in existing Copyright Law.I think that the Copyright of online game live screen should belong to the game compere or game players.In terms of protecting online game live screen,the article was exploring in three fields: firstly,protect online game live video from the perspective of perfect legislation: perfect copyright law;drawing on the "Regulations on the Protection of Information Network Communication Rights",formulate online game live screen copyright regulations;incorporate the online game live video into the "Administrative Measures for the Broadcasting of Audiovisual Programs on the Internet and Other Information Networks",standardize the behavior of live broadcast platforms,and protect online game screen copyright.Secondly,explore the online game screen protection from the aspect of the copyright law system.Finally,from the perspective of practice management,the establishment of the Internet Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution Center to solve the problem of intellectual property disputes in a timely manner;organize the webcast platform association to constrain the live broadcast behavior of the platform;improve the awareness of citizens' rights and thus achieve the effect of protecting copyright.
Keywords/Search Tags:online game, online game broadcast, live coverage, fair use
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