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High Sea Protected Area System And China's Countermeasures

Posted on:2020-03-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The high seas(beyond the limits of national jurisdiction)occupy the majority area of the Earth.With the development of ocean-going and deep-sea technologies,the high seas have become a battleground for the acquisition of resources.Due to the lack of detailed regulation,doctrine of freedom of high seas and International Seabed Area System can not regulate all the protection of the high seas environment and resources.The fragile high seas biological system is facing a huge threat.If things continue in this way,it will damage the sustainable development for all countries and the common interests of mankind.Therefore,high seas protected system was born to deal with ocean governance of the high seas beyond the scope of sovereignty.Although there is no international law governing the high sea area protected system directly,the international community has initiated the practice of high sea area protected areas under the framework of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and Convention on Biological Diversity.Four protected areas have been built and the regional construction practice has provided practical experience for the next phase.This thesis introduces the concept of the high sea area protected system.The high sea area protected system provides a new perspective for deep sea biological conservation.The high sea area protected system is conducive to the rational development of resources and the conservation of ecosystems.However,it also faces institutional dilemma.The article discusses the conflicts between the high sea reserve system and doctrine of freedom of high seas and International Seabed Area System.Analyzes the integration and coordination of the three,thus demonstrating the possibility of the development of the high sea area protected system under the existing international legal system.Based on China's current marine protected areas and the trend of the high sea reserve system,specific measures have been put forward to ensure that China can seize the opportunity to realize our deep-sea strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:High Sea Protected Area System, Doctrine of Freedom of High Seas, International Seabed Area System, Measures for China's Participation in the Construction of High Seas Protected Areas
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