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Research On Government Supervision Of Financial Information Disclosure Of Chinese Foundations

Posted on:2020-07-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330590456946Subject:Administrative Management
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The disclosure of financial information of the foundation,government supervision is the first line of defense.However,in the actual government supervision,there are problems such as weak supervision system,lagging regulatory concept,and unclear responsibilities of the supervisory body.This seriously affects the role of the government and the sustained and healthy development of the foundation,and it is also consuming the public.Trust brings great harm to social stability and the development of philanthropy.Therefore,how to improve the management efficiency of the Foundation's financial information disclosure,improve the management efficiency of the Foundation,enhance the openness and transparency of information,and regain the trust of the public is a very important practical issue.This paper takes the government supervision of financial information disclosure of China's foundation as the research object.Under the guidance of the theory of voluntary failure,principal-agent theory and supervision theory,it uses the research methods of literature research and comparative research to provide financial information for China's foundations.The status quo of disclosure and the status quo of government supervision have been deeply combed,summarized and summarized.On this basis,it is found that the government has the following problems in the supervision process: the government management department is in a passive state in the actual supervision,the government's transparent disclosure of the information on the foundation is not in place,the government's supervision method is still lagging behind,and the government's supervision responsibility Still not very clear.The reason for these problems is mainly due to the current imperfect laws and regulations in China,the lack of effective supervision concepts,the strong administrative color of the foundation and the inherent drawbacks of the dual management system.In order to further improve the government's supervision of the financial information disclosure of the foundation,this paper studies and draws on the supervision of the financial information disclosure of the foundation and the government supervision of the financial information disclosure of listed companies in the United States,the United Kingdom and other countries.On this basis,The paper puts forward some suggestions for improving the government supervision of financial information disclosure of China's foundations,including:establishing a sound legal system for financial information disclosure of foundations, maintaining the non-official nature of foundations,changing the concept of administrative supervision,and reforming dual management.The system cancels double management and so on.In order to pass these countermeasures and suggestions,we will further improve the government's ability and efficiency in monitoring the financial information disclosure of the Foundation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Foundation, financial information disclosure, government regulation
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