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The Research On Legal Matters Of Family Trust

Posted on:2017-08-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Family trust is a new-booming finance product in China,which is more popular between the rich.But in China,the self-benefit trust,capital trust is overwhelming in the trust industry.Family trust is not a law concept.There is no any illustration on family trust on Legislation of the People's Republic of China.However,the law didn't explain clearly the meaning and the legal nature of family trust,which conducted the predicament in practice.So,for the purpose of understanding the conception relative clearly and promoting family trust developing,this paper will be written in three aspects which are the theory,the system construction and the practice of legislature,justice and enforcement.This paper mainly studies the relationship between the rights and obligations of the parties in the family trust.In addition,the establishment of a family trust by the way of wills was studied by comparingthrow inheritance law in the relevant conflict.
Keywords/Search Tags:family trust, trust law, parties of the trust, registration on trust property, testamentary trust
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