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An Empirical Study On The Legal Issues Of Trading Rules In Big Data Trading Platforms

Posted on:2020-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the popularity of big data and cloud computing,big data has penetrated into every corner of our lives,and data has become a key factor in the digital economy.Unlike other objects that are lost due to use,the data is not lost due to use.On the contrary,as the frequency of use and the depth of digging increase,the value of the data increases.Data transaction through big data trading platform is an important link in data circulation,and the importance of data trading industry in the big data industry is increasingly prominent.In the face of various problems in data transactions,the trading rules of data trading platforms are important norms to ensure efficient data transactions.Through empirical research,this paper summarizes the main problems in the current trading rules of data trading platform,and finds that the main problems in the trading rules are: the transaction subject is not clear,the natural person participation is restricted;the data transaction type prohibition list has no unified regulations.There is no industry standard for the security process of data transactions;the rights and obligations of data trading platforms are more general.Through theoretical analysis and thinking,a set of trading rules applicable to data trading platforms is proposed.This paper first analyzes the background of the current data trading platform and the basic framework of data trading rules,and finds that the market potential of data trading is huge.The trading platform is of great significance for promoting big data transactions,while the trading rules in the data trading platform are due to the platform.There are some problems in the interests;then through the empirical research,the transaction rules of all domestic data trading platforms and the trading rules of typical foreign data trading platforms are investigated.The problems are mainly concentrated in the subject,object,security and In terms of the stipulations of rights and obligations;finally,through theoretical analysis and summarizing practical experience,it puts forward suggestions for solving problems through the introduction of normative guidance,and proposes a set of recommendations for normative documents.The research in this paper has certain significance for the formulation of trading rules in the current big data trading platform.
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