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Research On Legal Issues Of Search Engine Pay Per Click

Posted on:2019-11-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330596450316Subject:Economic Law
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In recent years,the competition ranking system of search engines has aroused widespread concern in the society,and Wei's event has pushed the bidding rank to the top of the wind.Through the reflection of PPC brought a series of problems found many problems in the protection of consumer rights and interests are closely linked,therefore,the search engine rankings for the legislation and legal system,the search engine service providers the legal liability system and the consumer rights relief system and other issues to be studied is necessary.On the protection of consumers' rights and interests of the center,China's PPC system there are still many problems to be solved,including PPC system legislation and applicable law,legal liability system and the relief system is not perfect,the unfair competition will lead to the consumer's right to know,right,the right to choose and obtain compensation for the violation of the right to in the practice of judicial unity.Based on the theoretical analysis of bidding ranking and the experience of foreign legislation,draw the following conclusions: in order to provide a legal basis for the protection of consumer rights,under the conditions of considering the reality of law,the improvement of search engine rankings legislative system can not only rely on the application of a law,but to form in the advertising law led by other relevant laws as system,thus fully regulating pay per click system.In order to protect consumers' right to know,freedom to choose and right to safety,it is necessary to reasonably stipulate the legal responsibilities of competitive ranking enterprises and search engine providers,and require search engine providers to fulfill their disclosure obligations and sub industry's review obligations.In order to protect the consumer's right to obtain compensation,it is necessary to improve the internal relief and litigation system of the search engine in the rights relief system of consumers.Through the legal research on search engine ranking,it aims to protect the interests of intellectual property owners,protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers,promote the smooth development of advertising industry and the Internet industry,safeguard public interests,and promote network information security and market economic order.
Keywords/Search Tags:search engine, ranking of bidding, consumer protection, Advertising law, Anti unfair competition law
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