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Research On The Quality Of Government Service In A Unit Window And The Promotion Strategy

Posted on:2020-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H L GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330602953291Subject:Public administration
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With the development of "service-oriented government" in China,various kinds of researches on government service have sprung up.Under the background of "Internet+government services" and "no meeting and approval",the quality of government service has been greatly improved.Although the improvement of the quality of government service has made great achievements in our country,there are still some undesirable phenomena,such as "difficult access,ugly face,difficult to handle",which run counter to the construction goal of "service-oriented government".However,the current research on government service in China mainly focuses on the research of government service centers at all levels,lacking the exploration of a certain unit of government service.Therefore,it is urgent to focus on exploring the quality of government services for a certain unit,and to study and formulate corresponding solutions to enhance the external image of government units.Firstly,this paper combs and summarizes the current academic research on the quality of government service,providing a solid theoretical foundation for the study of this paper,expounding the theoretical significance and practical significance of this study.Then,taking unit A as an example,based on the author's work experience,and drawing on the relevant theories of SERVQUAL service quality evaluation model put forward by PZB,a questionnaire is designed to investigate the quality of government service in unit A,and a scale model of public perception of the status quo of unit A's government service quality is constructed.Next,a sample survey was conducted among the people who came to the administrative service window of Unit A.A total of 300 samples were distributed.The results of the survey were analyzed by SPSS 22.0 and EXCEL 2010 to understand the public perception of the quality of administrative service of Unit A.Then,combined with the results of investigation and analysis and the actual situation of unit A window,the problems and causes of the problems in the quality of government service of unit A window are summarized.Finally,according to the analysis of the results of the survey,from the perspective of the masses,window staff and managers,put forward targeted A unit to improve the quality of government services strategy.This paper draws some valuable conclusions,but there are also some shortcomings:first,the conclusion of this paper is based on the results of the questionnaire,while in the actual process of issuing the questionnaire,only some relevant personnel are involved,so strictly speaking,it can not represent the situation of all relevant personnel,only as a reference.Secondly,the academia is lack of research on the quality of government service of a single unit,so it is difficult to collect materials.If possible,follow-up studies based on more ab undant theories can appropriately expand the number of samples to obtain more opinions of the masses on the quality of government services in unit A windows,so that the conclusions drawn will be more representative.
Keywords/Search Tags:government service, service-oriented government, SERVQUAL model
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