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Research On Tort Liability Subjects Of Autonomous Vehicles

Posted on:2021-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,with the support of cloud computing,big data and other technologies,artificial intelligence has developed rapidly.In the field of automation,autonomous driving technology is the latest application of artificial intelligence in the automotive field.While it is convenient for people to travel,it cannot be completely Avoid traffic accidents.Because the autonomous driving system has the ability to learn and control the vehicle autonomously,the identification of the responsible party after an infringement accident in an autonomous vehicle becomes a problem.According to the technical classification of self-driving cars,it is mainly divided into two types of self-assisted driving cars and fully-autonomous driving cars,which makes differences in the subject of liability for infringement.For infringement accidents caused by self-driving cars,since human drivers and autonomous driving systems are alternately controlling cars,it is necessary to identify the subject of liability based on motor vehicle traffic accident liability and product liability,according to the cause of the accident and the driving status.The subject of responsibility is also different.For the accident caused by the fault of the early warning system,the producer and the driver bear joint and several responsibilities,and the driver is solely responsible for the accident caused by the fault of the driver.For infringement accidents caused by fully-autonomous vehicles,because the autonomous driving system has the attributes of a driver,it is necessary to identify the subject of liability based on product liability.At the current stage,autonomous vehicles cannot obtain the status of legal subject,and the producer becomes the sole responsibility.The main body,and at the same time,the fully-autonomous vehicle brings challenges to the identification of product defects and causality in product liability.In order to balance the contradiction between technological innovation and victim relief,it is necessary to set up a compulsory insurance payment system and a social compensation fund to alleviate the pressure on producers to bear responsibility alone and protect the victims' relief.Reducing the difficulty of proof to help identify the responsible parties,so as to reasonably allocate the liability for torts.
Keywords/Search Tags:Self-driving car, Liability for motor vehicle traffic accidents, Product liability, Subject of responsibility
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