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Research On The Liability Of Autonomous Vehicle Traffic Accidents

Posted on:2021-10-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,autonomous driving technology,as a typical representative of artificial intelligence technology,has developed rapidly,and the liability of autonomous vehicles for traffic accidents has become increasingly prominent.Although China's legislation on the liability of autonomous vehicles for traffic accidents belongs to the legal blank,but with the continuous promotion of autonomous driving technology,the research on the liability of autonomous vehicles for traffic accidents continues to deepen,relevant legislative issues are imperative.First of all,this paper takes three typical autonomous driving traffic accident cases as examples.Based on the current tort liability law system and combined with current relevant studies,this paper studies the problems related to the liability of autonomous driving motor vehicle accidents and seeks solutions.Second,the article puts forward automatically drive a motor vehicle product attributes,because of the existence of two modes,manual and automatic driving and automatic driving level is different also,its has the main responsibility of the traffic accident and the traditional motor vehicles,self-driving vehicles producers and autopilot system provider,drivers,and all the people may become the subject of traffic accident responsibility in traffic accident should be based on the level of the automatic drive a motor vehicle,after the traffic accident when driving mode and the external environment of interference factors such as comprehensive determine automatically drive a motor vehicle,the main responsibility of the then according to the different main body for different imputation principle,Traffic accidents caused by the automatic driving system shall be handled according to the principle of product liability attribution,and the liability of persons shall be handled according to the principle of traffic accident liability attribution.Finally,put forward the improvement of the automatic drive a motor vehicle traffic accident liability sex advice,it is a perfect automatic drive a motor vehicle traffic accident responsibility division system,building automatic driving of motor vehicle traffic accident liability rules,a clear responsibility main body and imputation principle automatically drive a motor vehicle,set up new system of compulsory insurance,producers and automatic driving a motor vehicle for all common insurance,depending on the insurance content determine insurance liability subject;Second,we will improve the supporting system of liability for traffic accidents involving autonomous motor vehicles,formulate technical standards for driving motor vehicles,establish a registration and testing system,and set up rescue funds and punishment standards.The purpose of this study is to meet the increasing demand for autonomous vehicles and ensure people's travel safety.
Keywords/Search Tags:Self-driving motor vehicles, Tort liability, The subject of responsibility, Principl of attribution
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