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Study On The System For Imposing Lenient Punishments On Those Pleading Guilty Or Accepting Punishment In Criminal Cases

Posted on:2019-06-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,the criminal law has been revised several times and added a number of new crimes,new convictions,and economic development,leading to a continuous increase in the number of criminal cases.Under this circumstance,the increase in the number of cases handled by the judiciary cannot keep up with the rising speed of the case,which has led to the long-term situation in which the judiciary has been in a small number of cases.This has led to the abuse of extended investigation period,review period,trial period and other means as a way to alleviate the pressure of handling cases.The efficiency of handling cases has been dragged down and the trial procedures have been delayed.As an important judicial reform system pushed by the central government,the system of pleading guilty and confessing is a rapid development of the economy and society,the increasing number of criminal cases,and the criminal justice reform of the three judicial organs of investigation,procuratorial and trial in "trial-centered" Under the circumstance,an effective mitigation case is proposed to reduce the number of cases and to simplify the litigation mechanism.This article will start with an overview of the confession and punishment system,explain the basic concepts and development process of the system,and discuss the basis and necessity of the establishment of the system.Then through the data analysis,literature research,comparative analysis and other research methods,compare domestic The foreign guilty plea negotiation system,the plea bargaining system,and other systems under the lenient and lenient policies of the country,and analyze the practice and data of the localities during the pilot period,and analyze and demonstrate the problems existing in the pilot process in China,so as to propose suggestions for improving the system.
Keywords/Search Tags:The system for Imposing lenient Punishments on Those Pleading Guilty or Accepting Punishment in Criminal Cases, Judicial Reform, Judicial efficiency, Strictness and strictness
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