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Research On Social Workers' Support For Rural Self-Organization Cultivation

Posted on:2020-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X S ZengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330623460450Subject:Social work
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With the development of new rural construction,villagers have gradually become the main body of rural service.Rural women,as the main force of local villagers,play an important role in promoting community public services.This article is based on the “Good Side” Women Volunteer Team in N Village of Fujian Province.Through participation in observations,interviews with women volunteers,villagers,non-profit organizers,village committees,etc.,summed up the cultivation of local women's volunteer teams.Experience,from the perspective of social work,using social work theory and methods to analyze the mechanisms and methods of rural women's self-organizational cultivation.According to the development status of the "Good Neighbors" women volunteer team,this paper divides it into three stages: establishment,development and maturity,and summarizes the cultivation measures of women volunteer teams in different states.In the process of self-organizing and cultivating rural women,the development needs are mainly from internal and external forces.The internal forces include the cultivation of women's consciousness,the development of abilities and the establishment of team management and rules.The external forces include villagers and villages within the village.Committee,social welfare forces,news media,party and government departments,etc.Focusing on these needs,women's participation awareness and subjective awareness will be stimulated through community work,team activities,resource introduction,etc.,women's professional service ability and quality will be promoted,rural women's self-organization cultivation and development will be promoted,and rural community construction and governance will be promoted..
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural women, self-organizing and nurturing, women's participation, women's empowerment, "Good Neighbors" Volunteer Team
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