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Research On The Political Construction Of The Communist Party Of China In The Period Of Democratic Revolution

Posted on:2020-12-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330623953974Subject:Marxism in China
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In the long-term of revolution,construction and reform.It's up to The CPC to do something well in China;Therefore,we must uphold the party ' s leadership and strengthen party building.Political construction is the fundamental construction of the party and determines the direction and effect of party building.The period of democratic revolution,although the CPC has not explicitly proposed political construction in the sense of the text and has targeted and implemented it in a targeted manner.However,in the process of the revolutionary struggle,the party's political construction was opened and developed through various aspects of concrete practice,overcoming one difficulty after another.And it Realized the transformation from immature to mature,and finally succeeded in winning the great victory of the new democratic revolution.Based on the literature analysis method,this paper comprehensively applies the method of unification of history and logic.In the process of the political construction of the party during the period of the democratic revolution,we grasped from the four aspects of constructing the political culture within the party,resolutely fighting the wrong thinking tendency within the party,strengthening the political education of party members,and focusing on the construction of laws and regulations within the party..First of all,political culture has an important shaping and guiding role for political construction.By carrying out theoretical struggles within and outside the party,shaping lofty ideals and beliefs,and adhering to the principles of Leninist party organization,the political culture within the party has established a framework for action for political construction.Secondly,safeguarding the party's central authority and centralizing and leading leadership is a key component of political construction at any time;in the revolutionary era,it has targeted the struggle against intra-party error tendencies such as anarchism,parental style,extreme democratization,and sectarianism.It is an important point of efforts to safeguard the party's central authority and centralize and unify leadership during this period to strengthen political construction.Thirdly,any development and implementation of the party's construction work cannot be separated from the ideological identity of the party members,especially the majority of party members and cadres.Therefore,at that time,the Chinese Communist Party promoted the political level of party members,strengthened the education of Marxist theory,and exercised The importance of party spirit and normative party style are important driving forces for their own political construction.Finally,carrying out political construction requires institutional guarantees based on the laws of the party,respecting the party constitution,strengthening innerparty supervision,emphasizing the disciplined construction within the party,gradually consolidating the party ' s central authority,centralizing and unifying leadership,and ensuring the party ' s political Advancement and purity,clearing the bottom line of practice for the majority of party members and cadres at the central and local levels,has taken a solid step in political construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:the period of democratic revolution, the Communist Party of China, political construction, political culture, ideological Education, party regulations
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