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Research On Anti-monopoly Regulation Of Air Ticket Pricing For Civil Aviation

Posted on:2021-05-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The price system of civil aviation transportation industry is the core of the operation of air transportation market.As an important part of the anti-monopoly economic system,whether the pricing system is perfect or not is not only related to the competitiveness of airlines,but also affects the consumer rights and interests of shipping passengers and the stability of the competition order of civil aviation market.The civil aviation industry includes the beginning of competition law applied by modern general theory in the field of antitrust and developed in the European and American countries,because the European and American countries first adopted the policy of replacing government regulation with competition law.This article first cited aspan ski company v.aspan highland ski company case and ctrip air ticket tying case leads to the antitrust domain existence question to carry on the introduction and the theory level summary and the induction,the rights protection question launches the exposition to carry on the cushion.The article extends to the anti-monopoly level in the area of civil aviation ticket pricing,from the airline price discrimination on the impact of ticket pricing system,government regulation on the impact of ticket pricing and third-party ticket agents involved in ticket sales on the impact of ticket pricing system.Through three aspects of specific analysis found that the current air passenger city The problems of the ticket pricing mechanism in the field are given from the aspects of relaxing the government control,perfecting the ticket pricing system and accurately defining the subject of price discrimination,and correctly dealing with the phenomenon of ticket tying by third party agents.
Keywords/Search Tags:Anti-monopoly, Competition, Price discrimination, Deregulation
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