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Risk Features Analysis And Early Warning Research Of P2P Network Lending Platform

Posted on:2020-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G F ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330575452163Subject:Master of Statistics in Applied Statistics
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Encouraged by financial innovation policies,China's Internet finance has developed rapidly.P2 P online lending has become one of the most important modes of Internet finance.In recent years,it has also achieved rapid development.Because the P2 P online lending platform can effectively alleviate the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals,it is widely welcomed by the market.However,due to the single regulatory system and imperfect system,P2 P online lending has developed rapidly.At the same time,there are many problems such as platform run-off,website closure,deferred redemption,capital chain breakage,etc.,which not only greatly damages the interests of investors.It has also caused many adverse effects on society.In this context,it is extremely important for investors to choose a safe platform for investment.Based on the analysis of the risk characteristics of the P2 P online lending platform,this paper conducts risk warning on the basis of this,so that investors and online lending platforms can take risk prevention measures in advance to help the industry develop healthily.To this end,this paper firstly selects the sample data of 295 platforms of Guotaian database,various platforms and online loan homes on the basis of the general situation of China's P2 P online lending platform industry development and the basic situation of the problem platform,and from the platform strength and target Characteristic indicators are built in terms of characteristics,risk control ability,and governance level.Based on the relevant hypotheses,the Logit regression model is established to empirically analyze the significant features of the problem platform that are different from the normal platform.The results show that the average comprehensive interest rate,the number of standard types,whether to support automatic bidding and whether to allow the transfer of creditor's rights,and the fund custody have a significant impact on the operation status of the platform;the platform background,registered capital,operating time and security model have no significant impact on the operation status of the platform.At the same time,based on the analysis of the risk characteristics of the online lending platform,the P2 P online lending platform risk early warning indicator system is constructed based on the index selection principle from the four aspects of liquidity risk,operational risk,credit risk and market risk.Collected the third-party website “Internet Loan Home” and the official website data of each online loan platform.After data pre-processing,the required raw index data was obtained,and then the principal component analysis was used to calculate the comprehensive risk scores of each platform,and the platforms were determined according to the risk warning interval.Risk status,analyzing the reasons for the risk of the platform.Finally,it puts forward relevant suggestions for dealing with risks from the perspectives of online lending platform,investors and regulatory agencies,and provides reference and reference for its response to risks.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet finance, P2P online lending, Risk features, Risk early warning, Principal component analysis
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