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Teaching Research On Reverse Thinking Training In Plane Geometry Of Junior Middle School

Posted on:2020-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the time goes by,the rich knowledge,bold ideas and complicated thinking ways of human help to solve many problems in life,which in turn promotes the development of high-technology.Our living environment has also become more technological and complex.For us,the competition of survival is no longer a competition of the basic needs,but a competition of intelligence.Therefore,it is especially important for teachers to train students to solve problems in many ways proactively,which is a new challenge for us.With the needs of the society,we should break the traditional ways of examination-oriented education system and truly let students be able to solve each math problem flexibly,instead of simply memorizing and formulating formulas.Mathematics is particularly important for the training of students' thinking abilities and problem-solving abilities.Since ancient times,mathematics has always been a subject which requires high logic.Mathematics is the embodiment of thinking,and thinking is the core of intelligence.In middle school,there are two main categories of mathematics,the geometry and algebra.The main difference between geometry and algebra is the ways of reasoning and calculation.Most of the algebra problems are less flexible which require calculation.The methods for solving algebra problems are generally unique which only require students to be careful and patient.However,solving the geometric problems is more flexible,which requires a combination of the observation of geometric figures,a clear and logical mind.And the methods for solving the geometric problem can be various so as to train the students' thinking abilities.Plane geometry plays an important role in the junior high school mathematics system and has a profound impact on the development of students' thinking abilities.Junior high school plane geometry is the beginning of training the divergent thinking and problem solving abilities for students.Therefore,for teachers,we should pay more attention to the guidance of students' ways of thinking instead of constantly paying attention to asking students to formulating formulas,doing constant drillings and fixing students' mistakes.When answering different questions,teachers should guide students to think about problems and solve problems from different angles and different ways.In this way,the purposes of developing students' divergent thinking abilities and intelligence can be achieved.However,the current research show that nowadays,the teachers in the junior high school are still generally using the conventional teaching methods of training students' straightforward thinking habits or formulating formulas mechanically in order to get high scores,which leads to students' limited mindsets and the lack of the cultivation of the conversed thinking habits.For example,in senior high school,the study of reduction to absurdity is being marginalized.In general,when it is complicated and unsolvable to think straightforward to solve complicated mathematical problems,the reverse thinking can help us find new directions.However,due to the lack of training,many students cannot find a proper thinking ways to solve the problem by reverse thinking.Reverse thinking can not only help to solve many problems in mathematics flexibly,but also plays a vital role in the students' intellectual development.The author will conduct teaching research on the junior high school students' reverse thinking habits through plane geometry teaching.This article is divided into five parts:The first part gives a brief introduction to the background and significance of the topic subject.The second part is a brief introduction to the definition and characteristics of reverse thinking,the definition of planar geometry and its own characteristics,and a review of the teaching research on the cultivation of reverse thinking at home and abroad.The third part elaborates the necessity of cultivating reverse thinking,starting from social needs and students' thinking ability.It also further elaborates the necessity and effectiveness of the cultivation of reverse thinking in the plane geometry teaching of junior high school.The fourth part is the way to cultivate the ability of reverse thinking in the classroom of junior high school mathematics teaching.It specifically describes the ways and methods of cultivating the ability of reverse thinking in the process of plane geometry teaching in junior high school.The fifth part is the innovation part of this paper.In the classroom,through the specific teaching cases of plane geometry,it elaborates how the students are repeatedly guided,trained to think reversely.Also the effectiveness and importance of the cultivation of reverse thinking in the teaching of plane geometry is further elaborated.The sixth part is the summary and outlook.It summarizes the research results of this thesis and shortcomings and problems in the research of the thesis.Through the research,we have drawn the conclusion that the mathematics plays a vital role in the cultivation of reverse thinking throughout the middle school teaching process.It is clear to see the necessity and importance of the cultivation of reverse thinking for middle school students.The plane geometry teaching in mathematics has become a core part to cultivate reverse thinking.In the teaching of plane geometry,through the drilling of the exercises and the reverse application of the formulas and theorems,the students' reverse thinking abilities can be effectively cultivated.
Keywords/Search Tags:plane geometry, the cultivation of the reverse thinking, symbolic-graphic combination, reverse thinking abilities, teaching research
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