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Research And Application Of EPON Technology In The Construction Of Intelligent Comm Unity

Posted on:2018-08-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330542460375Subject:Electronic and communication engineering
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In order to build a harmonious society and the environment friendly and harmonious society,the China State Grid Corp proposed the strategic development goal of "strong smart grid",and actively carry out the intelligent service in the power grid users.The specific implementation of the "smart electricity service" includes two aspects:the construction of intelligent residential area and the development of information collection service.In order to ensure the normal development of the service business and the use of the electric information collection business,a smart power consumption optical fiber access network is needed to meet the requirements of network security,real-time communication and interactive services.In the light of the demand of the communication network in the area of intelligent use,the(EPON)and the power fiber to the home(PFTTH)technology can be the most reasonable solution.In this paper,the principle,technical characteristics,network structure and key technology of EPON technology are described in detail.Through comparing various kinds of access network technologies,the paper analyzes the technical characteristics,network model and performance advantages of EPON network.Combining with engineering case,this paper discusses the content of the construction scheme of the EPON network in the area of intelligent power and network performance test.This paper mainly introduces the construction scheme of the construction scheme of the smart grid in Tianjin in the new eco city smart grid construction,including the target,the content and the characteristics of the project.According to the actual project case,the construction scheme of the EPON network of the intelligent power cell is developed,and the design idea and implementation scheme of OLT equipment,optical fiber cable line,optical distribution network and ONU equipment are analyzed.In the case of the construction of the smart grid,the power fiber to the home and the optical fiber is realized by using EPON technology,and the information collection,intelligent service and the "triple play"business support are carried out.The advantages of the scheme are pointed out.In this paper,the implementation of project case,the EPON access network technology is summarized,and the future development prospects of EPON technology.
Keywords/Search Tags:EPON, smart grid, intelligent community, power fiber to the home
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