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Design And Implementation Of Networked Industrial Control Equipment Inspection System

Posted on:2018-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G K ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330566498431Subject:Computer technology
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With the continuous development of industrialization and informationization,more than 80% of the key infrastructure depend on industrial control system to realize the automation operations.Industrial safety incidents have occurred successively.It brings a threat to the lives of the people and the steady development of the country.Industrial control system security is related to national strategic security.Therefore,strengthening the safety monitoring of industrial equipment has become an urgent problem to be solved in the field of information security.Industrial safety incidents in the event of a short period of time will bring huge losses,timely and accurate scanning of industrial equipment and take appropriate protective measures in order to be safe in the industrial war in an invincible position.However,the existing scanner scanning efficiency is low,support the industrial control protocol is small,can not be timely and effective scanning out of network industrial equipment.In view of the above problems,this paper scanning technology and industrial control protocol based on the proposed three scanning strategies to achieve the network of industrial equipment inspection scan.In this paper,a scanning strategy based on dynamic feedback load balancing algorithm is proposed to enable the background server to distribute the scanning task more evenly.In the experiment,the scanning is analyzed from the average response time and throughput.Strategy to improve the inspection efficiency of the inspection system.Based on the research of industrial control system,a device scanning strategy based on hierarchical detection is proposed.In this implementation of the scanning strategy,the design of NSE script based on the network of industrial equipment scanning method.The experimental results show that the scanning method has a good scanning effect.On the basis of guaranteeing the scanning accuracy,the scanning time is 16% lower than that of the existing scanner,and the scanning efficiency is improved.In the network device operating system detection,proposed based on the protocol stack fingerprint operating system scanning strategy.The method is based on the support vector machine(SVM).The method is based on the Monte Carlo simulation and the fingerprint score to vectorize the fingerprint data of the device.The method of implementing the multi-classifier is realized by combining the two classifiers,and the operating system identification The problem is transformed into a classification problem.The experimental results show that the classificati on of the classifier is good,and the efficiency of the operating system is very high.On the basis of the above research,the inspection system of networked industrial control equipment is designed and implemented.The inspection system has carried on the statistics and the analysis to the networked industrial control equipment.The IP addresses,open ports,service versions and operating systems of networked devices are analyzed.The security problems of networked devices are analyzed and some reasonable suggestions are put forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:industrial control system, industrial Ethernet protocol, NSE script, support vector machine
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