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Design Of Integrated Circuit For Temperature Detection And Air Conditioning Control System

Posted on:2019-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z L CheFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330572963063Subject:Control Engineering
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Today,with the rapid development of economy,people's living standards have been greatly improved.After solving the need of "body",more and more people begin to pursue "heart" enjoyment.This phenomenon is manifested in the increasingly prosperous tourism industry.In this case,the hotel service management system which requires "living" is highlighted.Hommization.Aiming at the practical application environment,this paper designs a multi-area temperature detection and air conditioning opening control system for hotels,and compares the advantages and disadvantages of the existing temperature detection and control system in practical application cost,system function realization,system expandable application environment and system circuit design.From the point of view of physical realization,the system is analyzed,designed and simulated.The system is decomposed into temperature information acquisition module and control module by using the idea and method of hierarchy and modularization,and the circuit design of each module is carried out in different ways.In this paper,the circuit design,function simulation and layout design of the temperature information acquisition module are carried out by using the method and process of IC chip design.The whole circuit adopts the corresponding circuit structure of CMOS technology to optimize performance and reduce chip area.Temperature signal is converted into electrical signal circuit using CMOS circuit structure with bipolar transistor emitter junction voltage difference inversely proportional to absolute temperature,which meets the requirements of high precision and fast speed;ADC adopts CMOS circuit structure of capacitive successive approximation type,DAC capacitor array adopts differential signal input,upper plate signal sampling,and electricity.Capacitance switch is one-sided switching mode.Sampling switch adds bootstrap capacitor to reduce the non-linear error.The comparator with reset function is designed on the principle of low power consumption and fast speed.The digital logic control circuit is combined with DAC capacitor array,sampling switch and comparator,which is mainly simple and easy to implement.Based on the 0.18um process of Huarun Shanghua,the function and performance of the circuit are simulated and analyzed by using the integrated circuit design software Aether produced by Huarun Nine Days in China.Then the layout is designed.The simulation and layout test results fully show that the design of temperature information acquisition module meets the design objectives and requirements and has core.It has the advantages of small area and low power consumption.Control module is divided into master control module and functional area control module.According to the functions of each module and the model of data transmission between modules,the logic circuits of master control module and functional area control module are designed respectively.Finally,based on the platform of FPGA,Verilog language and IP core resource call are used for power supply.The circuit design is verified by Quartus ?,which is a development tool based on the FPGA platform.The results show that the control module design achieves the expected goal.This provides the physical synthesis data for the next step of IC chip design to improve the design speed and efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:Temperature acquisition, CMOS, Circuit simulation, Layout, FPGA
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